Knowledge and wisdom

Having a lot of Bible knowledge is important. Studying God’s Word is extremely valuable. I’ll be the first to agree with this, because I love digging for treasure in the Bible. Treasure hunting takes effort, but finding the treasure is more than worth it! Yet I am somewhat concerned about the way the Bible is handled. For many Christians it seems like a hobby to enjoy measuring others and hitting them over the head with Bible texts. It’s wonderful to disqualify others in this way, to put them down and to go for one’s own right! Much power of the Holy Spirit on your life says nothing about who you are. This also applies to knowledge about and from the Bible. You can know so much, but at the same time live a life that is far from what God has in mind for you. The knowledge that is displayed on some internet forums is impressive, but the way in which this is often communicated shows little love. I thought of this when I was reading the Christmas Gospel in Matthew. Wise men from the East see a star. This is a special star, because it is the reason for these men to make a long journey. Apparently the appearance of this star is enough information for these wise men to take action and travel to Jerusalem. The star says something about a king who is born. It is logical to think that this happened in Jerusalem, in the royal residence there. If you only know a little, but have desire, you run the risk of making a mistake. They were not in the right place. Herod is shocked when he hears these men talk about a King who has been born. He calls the chief priests and the scribes to ask where this King was born. It seems like they don’t have to think about it for long, because the answer is immediately there; in Bethlehem of Judea. That is indeed a strong example of Bible knowledge. Being able to immediately recall where it is and what it says. To make me jealous… I am amazed that none of the chief priests or scribes consider that there is something unique going on here. That the Messiah has been born and that they have the opportunity to meet Him. None of these crazy people with their infinite Bible knowledge go to Bethlehem, let alone worship Him. Herod doesn’t have that much knowledge because he needs his staff to know more. But once he is provided with that knowledge, he takes the information very seriously. He does take action and intends to eliminate this King. An example of poor application of God’s Word… The wise also have little knowledge and have to make do with the information they receive from others. But they get to work with the little information they have. In this history they are the only ones who go to see King Jesus to worship Him. They make no bones about it, to honor the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. Chests of valuables are used to show their adoration for this King. If you don’t have much Bible knowledge yet, there is no objection to worshiping King Jesus with the little information you have. In addition, there is no guarantee that with a lot of Bible knowledge you will automatically do the right thing. Even with a lot of Bible knowledge you can destroy a lot and harm people. What a shame really. A lot of knowledge of God’s Word gives immense opportunities to obey and worship. You know very well what is asked of you. The secret of life change is not a lot of knowledge and a lot of knowing. The wise men from the East can rightly be called wise, because they understood what is really important. Jesus said that you only build on the rock when you hear God’s Word anddo . So…Come let us worship that King!

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Getrouwd met Annemarije en vader van 3. Hoofd Onderwijs binnen Royal Mission en gek van geo-cachen.

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