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I like teenagers. In everything I can do for God and what we experience as Royal Mission, teenagers still give me something extra. Their brash actions and strong opinions, their defiant behavior and incredible dedication are unparalleled. They are unique creatures who touch my heart again and again. Ultimately, I still think speaking to teenagers is the best target group to speak for and share my life with. Three weeks ago I was allowed again. We had an unparalleled weekend with 450 teenagers and leaders at RAW, our rough teenage event at De Betteld. On Saturday evening I would speak about ‘I Am not alone’. God is not alone, for He is more than one and He wants you there. My talk was about God’s love for us. About the desire for friendship and sexuality created by God. As a real teenage sermon should be, I was very visual and open. You could sometimes hear the teenagers giggling at the explicit description of two naked people running through a beautiful garden. The alternation between overwhelming silence and tense giggling was truly unique. In the middle of my story I told you about my 2 daughters: Lieselot and Ingeborg. Both daughters were in the audience. A few days later, Ingeborg would travel to Peru to volunteer for 5 weeks as an English teacher at a school (which she is doing now). I described how good her English is and how she also speaks fluent Spanish. That she loves to travel, studies on an international course and is very gifted. Lieselot, our youngest, will never speak English, let alone Spanish. Her IQ is about 45 and she is in special education. She is 18 years old, but has the development of a 7 year old. She will leave the VSO at the beginning of July and start working in day care. Although there is a world of difference between the abilities and skills of both my daughters, it is IMPOSSIBLE that I would love one and not the other. My heart is full of love for them because they are my daughters, regardless of their achievements and development. My love is not based on what they can do, but on who they are: My daughters! And then the Bible says that we give good things to our children, while we are bad fathers (Luke 11:13). We love them unconditionally and yet we regularly make mistakes and often fall short. How much more will God, who is a perfect Father, love His children unconditionally. God loves every teenager! Not because of their abilities or achievements, but because He is their Father. ‘It is IMPOSSIBLE that God would not love you’. The words rang through the room. You saw the first tears running and teenagers biting their lips. Towards the end of my sermon I wanted to make a call. The example of my daughters suddenly came back to my mind and then I did something that I had never done before. I asked my 2 daughters to join me on stage. There they came. They stood next to me with conviction. Lieselot immediately said: ‘You are the best father’. Exactly how Lieselot is: positive and full of appreciation. Jesus shines through her. I asked Ingeborg if I have always been a good father. She shouted out loudly, ‘No!’ Have I ever been too angry? ‘Yes!’ came out straight away. Did I sit on the edge of your bed to ask forgiveness? ‘Yes’. Do you know that I love you? ‘YES!’ While I have made mistakes, it is IMPOSSIBLE that I wouldn’t love them both. It was an honest and impressive story. After that service, the teenagers went to chat with their teams. Almost every group was crying. Leaders came to thank the sermon with tears. Mothers and fathers reflected on their own children. Everyone knew that God had spoken. It is IMPOSSIBLE that God would not love you. The photo at the top is from the moment Lieselot and Ingeborg were on stage with me during RAW

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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