Is there hope for the church in the Netherlands?

What is going on with the spiritual condition of our country? Is there still hope for a church that apparently suffers mostly losses? Is it still realistic to expect a breakthrough of God’s Kingdom in our part of Europe?

Believers have recently become a minority

A month ago, the CBS report was released on church attendance in the Netherlands, showing that religious people are in a minority in our country for the first time. Less than 50% of Dutch people regularly attend a service. The Netherlands even seems to be one of the least Christian countries in Europe, because only 12% of Dutch people visit a church at least once or twice a month. Only in Finland is that figure lower at 10%. The shifts are not only evident from the large numbers, but also from the individual choices of public figures as politiciansKlaas Dijkhoff and the Brabant TV personality Albert Verlinde. Both recently said goodbye to the church through the media.

In my parental home in Belgium there was a poster on the wall with the following words: ‘The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide’ . The low point is the place where the turnaround takes place. Would this difficult phase actually stimulate the hunger for change and innovation in the church? When church councils or community leaders stand with their backs against the wall, is that perhaps also the moment when they drop to their knees and are prepared to move with a God who wants to give revival? Maybe something has to ‘die’ first, so that God can revive it in all His power?

Yet there are hopeful developments going against the grain

Despite the discouraging messages, fortunately there are also unique and hopeful developments to be observed within the church:

  • The friendship among spiritual leaders and respect for each other is growing enormously and is perhaps stronger than ever.
  • The hunger for a new movement of God’s Spirit can be observed almost throughout the church.
  • The number of stories about miracles and special interventions by God seem to be increasing in several places and in different church backgrounds.
  • The desire for actual discipleship instead of nominal Christianity is growing in the various denominations.
  • The willingness to receive input and support from other church movements or organizations is increasing noticeably.

Yet the current developments of church abandonment and closure of churches require our efforts, dedication and sacrifices to see the dream for reformation of the church come true. Stefan Paas, the Theologian of the Fatherland, tweeted the following message. The call and invitation to invest a lot of energy in renewing and strengthening the church sounds clear. As Royal Mission we want to make every effort to achieve this. Education and training are at the core of our activities. Discipleship is a core value that we pursue in everything we do to see the dream for reformation come to fruition in the church, with the help of God. We want to make maximum efforts (together with others) for a revival of the church in the Netherlands and we see that God confirms this in a very special way.

God challenges us to embark on an adventure with Him

In recent weeks, God has performed special miracles before our eyes and convinced us to take a step of faith by purchasing a special building as a training center for the church in the Netherlands. Within 2 weeks, 1 million euros was promised or given for the purchase of the Graphic Training Center in Veenendaal. Although the entire amount has not yet been received, an important step has been taken and Royal Mission will use this building as a training center for the Church of the Netherlands from April 1, 2019. Watch the video at the bottom of this page or readthe whole storyand find out how you can get involved.

Do you sow seeds for revival of the church? We know better than anyone that a larger building is only a means to an end. However, it can very well be used to train, equip and prepare even more people for revival in the church. Will you join us in this wonderful adventure, because God has special plans! We cordially invite you to sow in the ministry of Royal Mission through a contribution to our new Royal Mission Training Center in Veenendaal. You can make a donation yourself to:Royal Mission Foundation – NL27 INGB0004498297 – stating Training Center Or you can participate via iDeal or an authorization in the form below.

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