Is passion for Jesus self-evident and lasting?

Last Sunday I spoke in the church where I grew up spiritually. It is always fun and special to be able to speak there and see and meet old acquaintances. During the worship service before my sermon, there were two songs, or perhaps more accurately, two phrases that particularly stood out to me and made me think.

The first was: ‘You are the passion of my life’

The second: ‘The passion that disappeared’

God as the passion of my life and a passion that can disappear again.

As a young person, I was quite passionate when I was in this church. I tackled everything that had to be done. I have done children’s work, teen work, helped with cleaning, given Bible studies and even worked in infant ministry (a nicer word for babysitter). I also participated in all kinds of conferences and participated in Christian camps. Nothing was too crazy for me, because I was passionate about who Jesus was to me. I had come to faith and experienced that God the Father had accepted me as His child. I was able to rely on that experience for a long time to keep my passion alive. When I went to college and entered student life, this passion slowly faded into the background. You would think this makes sense. After all, other things attract attention, which makes the relationship with God seem less important. Yet that is not the only reason why my passion for Jesus disappeared.

What exactly is passion?
What is passion in essence? The word passion comes from the Latin word ‘passio’ and means suffering. For example, the word ‘passio’ is also found in the Dutch word ‘patient’, which means pain sufferer. We usually say about someone who is enthusiastic and driven that he is passionate. The link with suffering has therefore faded into the background, but in my experience it is certainly there when it comes to ‘passion for Jesus’.

To develop passion for God and his Kingdom, it is my belief that we must go through processes periodically. These processes are often painful and confrontational. It is the confrontation with ourselves and the contrast with what God has in mind for me. For me, I tend to postpone these kinds of processes for a long time, with the result that passion for Jesus disappears. I prefer to focus on things that distract me or continue with the routine of life.

Newfound passion
At Royal Mission’s Full-time and Part-time School, many passionate people completed the training last season. That passion is not only developed through good education, but especially through the processing and implementation of that education in the lives of young people and adults. That is not always fun and sometimes even painful, but the fruit is that passion for Jesus is rediscovered! He is the One who is present and helps us in these processes!

Low energy?
Where are you in your life right now? Is He the passion of your life or has the passion for God and His Kingdom been put on the back burner? Perhaps it is time to choose to enter into a process of renewal. Then I would like to challenge you to join one of our courses this season. Working together, learning, meeting and following Jesus to renew our passion!

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Getrouwd met Annemarije en vader van 3. Hoofd Onderwijs binnen Royal Mission en gek van geo-cachen.

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