I’m going for revival

Last month the time finally came. After two years digitally, the Opwekking Pentecost conference could again be celebrated and experienced in real life. Tens of thousands gathered as usual at the Walibi site in Biddinghuizen for a weekend full of meeting, worship, education, prayer and fun. So special! Enjoy camping and having a nice time (that’s how we used to say it at home) in your tent. Just a shame about that huge downpour on the last night. I hope you’re not washed away.

Strong start
At the start on Friday evening I was allowed to speak in the youth tent. The team asked me to kick off the weekend with a message about the power of the Holy Spirit and miracles. Such an invitation is language close to my heart and is in line with the royal passion of Royal Mission. The text I received was the statement of John the Baptist: ‘I baptized you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit’ (Mark 1:8).

Heavenly wink
For me it was a heavenly wink that I could speak from the words of John the Baptist. During the corona period I preached about him very often. Especially about the moment when he is in prison and doubts whether Jesus is the Messiah. This John also appears regularly in my books. Specifically, the three revelations he has about Jesus as the Lamb of God, as the baptizer in the Spirit and as the bringer of the kingdom of God.

The Anointed One
I had noticed before that these three heavenly insights of the man who ate locusts refer to the Old Testament. John confirms that the three great anointings of old, those of the priest, the prophet and the king, are now upon the Son of God. As Lamb of God He is the priest, as baptizer in the Spirit He is the prophet and as bringer of the kingdom He is the King. This makes Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed One and He carries the full, heavenly anointing of the Spirit on his life.

Three features
During my preparation, God added something new. I would speak about the desire for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our country. Suddenly the Holy Spirit showed me that the three anointings are also the three marks of revival. Lamb of God is humiliation and the realization of sin, the baptism of the Spirit is an extraordinary and overwhelming outbreak of power and the kingdom is the impact that revival has on society. Wow!

We have also experienced this in the Netherlands. On November 17, 1749, Reverend Kuijpers spoke about Psalm 72 in a crowded church in Nijkerk. Suddenly people just started shaking and crying. The cry for God’s mercy was so strong that Kuijpers was almost unintelligible. During the blessing at the end of the service, churchgoers spontaneously fell to the ground. This was the beginning of the Nijkerk turmoil.
On the street, cursing and ranting was exchanged for worship. Cafes closed. Gambling or fair visits were exchanged for a church service or prayer meeting. The three characteristics of humiliation, strength and impact were clearly identifiable.

On all fours
More recently, another spiritual revival took place on the Malieveld in 1958. TL Osborn’s campaign was visited by more than 100,000 people. Healings, conversions, impact in the wider area and the start of many new ministries and churches. Even Royal Mission is a fruit of what God did there on that lawn!
Night after night my father stood right against the stage. Before the revival service started, he crawled from behind the stage on his hands and knees underneath it, ending up right in the front row of that enormous crowd. In the photo above he points out where he was each evening.

Back to the youth service in Biddinghuizen. I opened my sermon with the three revelations of John the Baptist and made the link to revivals in the Netherlands. I shared the sincere desire for a new revival in our country.
Everyone present had registered via www.ikganaar Generation.nl and that is why I suggested that we open a new site:www.ikgavoorvisie.nl Loud cheering from the young people! The intensity of the sermon in combination with the yearning for revival resulted in a dynamic service in which the power of the Holy Spirit became visible.

There’s something in the air
Royal Mission’s dream is a revival in and of the church. More than ever, this is concretely linked to a desire for heavenly transformation and an expectation of revival in the Netherlands. I don’t know when it will happen and will never say it will happen anytime soon and yet… there is something in the air!
Two weeks ago we opened the new wing of our building . A beautiful place for training and conferences. How beautiful it has become and how special it is that God alreadygiven almost all finances has. The room has been given the name ‘Malieveld’ because we dedicated this space (just like Solomon at the temple) as a place of humility, strength and impact.

The dream
From September we will spread out our tent pegs more widely. We believe that the intensity of the Anointed One will increase among us. We sincerely dream of a revival in our country. Will you join us for revival in the Netherlands?

I hereby personally invite you to become part of what we can do on behalf of the King. Join the volunteers who help in the office, at conferences, at education, training or on special days. This concerns catering, technology, ministry, hosting, management, administration, design, media… Send our office an email to join the movement of God in our country. Let’s prepare and get ready for what God wants to give in this time, because I’m going for revival!

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