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“I’m excited!” – Royal Mission Youth Work Training – Unfortunately, youth work in the local church does not automatically move in the right direction. Every municipality that includes teenagers and young people will realize this. Love, attention, time, vision, enthusiasm, wisdom and money are needed for teen and youth work in the church to function healthily in 2014. How strong or how weak youth work is in a municipality can be determined on the basis of a number of indicators. The best and most important indicator are the teenagers and young people themselves. Ask them what they think of the church and you will know how the flag hangs. We choose to contribute to the renewal of youth work in the Netherlands. In just a few more months, Royal Mission’s youth work training will be a fact. Registrations supplemented with enthusiastic comments are starting to come in well. We expect to work with a group of 20 to 30 passionate youth leaders, youth workers, youth elders, pastors and other people involved in teen and youth work. The content of the training will not be too heavy, but will be very good and very inspiring. In 10 short weekends from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon, participants are taken along the most important parts on which good and inspiring youth work is built. In the past, things more or less automatically went in the right direction for the youth within the church because there were well-trodden paths. There were often enough people who could interact with the youth and help them get to know God. Today this is no longer self-evident and there will have to be conscious action in the guidance and development of good youth work. Both in large churches with hundreds of teenagers and young people and in small churches with few or no teenagers and young people, it is not self-evident that youth work runs well. I have gained a lot of experience in both places and believe that it is possible in both places. Every place has its own challenges. When a church’s youth work functions well, a number of important pillars must always be present or in development in the process. Some of those pillars are:

  • There are enthusiastic people who want and can work with youth. If they weren’t there, they were attracted from outside.
  • There are people in the church who know how to develop, renew and build youth work. They have learned this from experience or through training.
  • There is vision in the church and an answer to the question “Why does our local church exist?”
  • The leadership of the municipality has a heart for teenagers and young people.
  • The leadership of the municipality allocates money for teenagers and young people.
  • There is a willingness among the leadership of the municipality to change along with the changes within Dutch culture. The motto must be “The content remains the same, the form changes with it”
  • The different generations within the church are taken into account in a well-balanced way. Both attention to youth and attention to the elderly in the municipality are in good balance.

As Royal Mission we believe in the church! We exist to serve, help and teach the church to shine so that the Kingdom of God becomes visible. We see the possibilities that (still!) are for the church today to reach teenagers and young people with the gospel of Jesus. There is no target group that is as open to God and His message as youth. We want to show how we can take advantage of these opportunities in youth work training. The aim of the training is to help develop youth leaders so that youth work in the church grows and teenagers and young people feel at home in the church and its Royal destiny. Gerlof Wiersma Read more about the youth work training here .

OnThursday evening June 5 and Tuesday June 24 April are there at 8 p.minformation evenings in Drachten about this unique course. Especially for people who are interested themselves or want to know more about the training on behalf of a church community. Both evenings are an introduction to Royal Mission and more information will be provided about the content of the training. There is also ample opportunity to ask questions.

If you want to be present, registration is required. Send an email to gerlof@royalmission.nl . You will then receive information about the evening in question by email.

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