How do you want to be?

One of the crucial questions that we as a church or Christian organization must ask and answer to ourselves is: How do we want to be? What are the values ​​from which you work? What image do you want to have in the things you do?

For example, if you say that as a church you want to be hospitable. What does that show? Are you actively working on being that way? Is this evident from the activities you organize? Do outsiders who come by confirm how you want them to see you? It is important to think about the DNA of your group, club or organization.

Many churches and organizations are concerned with vision. Where are we going? What do we dream of? The answers to these questions give you the right to exist.
However, people often get stuck in a vision and from there they often immediately start organizing activities. However, between vision and action there is an essential layer of questions. These questions influence the image that others have about what you do as a group of people.

How do we want to be?
I’ll take another look at the ‘church’ organization. Some churches I know make me feel immediately at home. If I then ask myself why that is, I end up with a value that the church in question holds dear.
If people from a particular church are very generous, research will reveal that they consider this an important value.
What does your church consider important? What does your church want to be and be known as?
If your church knows what it wants to be, is that reflected in what outsiders say about you?

The first church in Jerusalem was well known among all the people (Acts 2:47).
That’s what we want as municipalities, right?
To work!

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