Holy Spirit Weekend Report

Last Friday and Saturday we were at De Betteld (Zelhem) with 1,250 people for the annual Holy Spirit weekend. Together with Wilkin van der Kamp and Willem Ouweneel we were able to lead this wonderful weekend. Wilkin 1 (small)William 1 (small)Martin 2 (small) From the first moment there was openness, expectation and room for God to work. Wilkin started talking about the treasures and storehouses in heaven. Do you want to receive what God has ready for you? Hundreds of people responded. Nice start! I myself was allowed to speak about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. We started with a simple sketch about “the expectation in the upper room” from Acts 2. Funny and clear! When the call was made, almost the entire room came to the front. The hunger and thirst is enormous. Willem continued on about the powers of the age to come and eventually came to speaking in tongues. You already have it, it’s already there. You do not have to receive, but the blockages may be removed. Many who had been prayed for before began to speak in new languages. Very special! A healing service was scheduled for Friday evening. It was an eventful evening. God spoke primarily through revelation. One of the most beautiful miracles was the healing of a crooked toe. God had me in advance Lot and Wilkin 1 (small)show that someone had crooked toes on his right foot. At a certain point I spoke it out with the belief that it was being healed at that moment. At that moment, Franne’s foot became warm. She wasn’t sure what was happening and didn’t dare check into the room. She walked to the toilet and there she discovered that her toes (which once had a pin in them) suddenly stood straight. She came to the stage crying. God had done what He said. Wilkin and Lieselot stood on stage praying for a long time. This first day was already overwhelming. What would Saturday bring? Wilkin started talking about the ‘kabod’ (glory) of God. People flocked forward to clean up sin and mess. Very impressive and intense. Willem continued with ‘You can learn to prophesy’. A beautiful sermon in which the word came into full bloom. I was really upset about the power of well-known Bible texts in this sermon. This was followed by the practice in which people came up with very concrete thoughts and words from God. karin and hall (small)At the beginning of the next session we first learned the song ‘I’ve got joy’. A real and grand celebration about the joy of having your name written in heaven! I was allowed to speak about ‘Dreams and Visions’, a big challenge. Just before the sermon I knew where to start, but not at all where to work towards. Because how do you put this topic into practice? Let people sleep 😉 Fortunately, the special inspiration came from the Holy Spirit. Ultimately it was about Samuel and growing up in the temple. Will you dedicate yourself every day so that there will be a breakthrough in dreams, visions, visions and revelation from heaven? We had the people stand and asked those who wanted to commit 100% to ‘dwell in the temple’ to kneel. In half a second, more than 1,000 people knelt. Some simply fell to the ground or lay touched by the glory of God. Very impressive. The closing service was the icing on the cake. God spoke impressively through Willem about ‘being a friend of God’. Suddenly an invitation for people who feel rejected, always undermined and unloved. Dozens stood broken in front of the stage and God’s love started to flow. Healing, renewing and glorious. The conference concluded with the anointing of anyone who wished to do so. My conclusion after this conference is: ‘the oil slick is getting bigger’. There were very special moments, clear miracles and intense worship. Yet the hope for the Netherlands and the growth of the movement of the Holy Spirit touched me most. God is at work, who can turn it around?

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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