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Royal Mission School gets a new building! While the school has had to rent a building from other institutions in recent years, it will soon have its own building with a classroom, office, living area and kitchen. An important dream comes true: a private place in Drachten where dozens of young people from all over the Netherlands can be trained every year for their place in God’s kingdom. In addition, the building offers many more options for offering educational programs to other groups. There are two starting points for the renovation plans. 1: good housing for the students and also 2: the lowest possible fixed costs. We do this, among other things, by replacing 300m2 of mainly single glazing with HR++ thermopane glass and hot water and power supply through a solar boiler and solar panels. These principles ensure that we get a good building without having to increase the price of the school. This way, a year of Royal Mission School remains affordable for every student. A photo tour of the new building can be found here . The building has been purchased by a number of investors. However, the school is entirely responsible for the costs of the renovation. That is an enormous challenge that we would like to take on. That is why we appeal to people who want to help us in all kinds of ways and thus invest in the kingdom of God in a very tangible way.


We are looking for professionals who want to help us realize the dream of a beautiful new building, at cost price or pro bono. The work could also be converted into a tax-deductible donation. A day, a few days, a week: all help is welcome. We are looking for: tilers, glaziers, painters, bricklayers, electricians, demolition workers, contractors, pavers, installers, plasterers, IT managers, plumbers and carpenters. And if you think you have another skill that would be useful in a renovation, please contact us immediately!


Are you or do you know a supplier of materials or inventory that we might need for the renovation or furnishing of the school? Then you could help us enormously with your contacts or supplies. Leftovers or (beautiful) ‘rejected’ items are also welcome. This includes: doors, fire safety facilities, solar boilers, solar panels, sanitary tiles, floor coverings, furniture (dining tables and chairs, sofas), locks and hanging hardware, bunk beds, plasterboard, lighting and furnishings. But also: scaffolding (to borrow), painting materials, outdoor fencing, sanitary facilities (toilets, sinks, showers), garden tools, kit, (professional) kitchen inventory, extraction equipment and a copy machine. But this list is not exhaustive, so feel free to share your thoughts and contact us if you can help us.

Sleeping places in Drachten and catering

Because we expect people from all over the country to want to come and help, we need places to stay in Drachten and the surrounding area. Then our helpers can sleep well and cheaply and we waste as little travel time and costs as possible. We also want to take good care of our people and you could help by providing food and drinks on location on a number of days according to a schedule. Here too: if you can help, please let us know and we will contact you if we have a specific question in this area.


We naturally also ask for concrete prayer support for this challenge. Will you pray for us so that we can take on this challenge together? Pray for a quick permit procedure, for a safe renovation, for sufficient help and for sufficient finances.


Could you forward this message within your network? Can this be done by email, via Twitter or via Facebook? Then we can involve as many people as possible in our adventure. And would you like to ‘like’ us on Facebook ? There is also a banner available that you could use as a cover photo on your own Facebook page. If you work for the press or for a website, we are also available for an article about the renovation and the school.


You understand that this renovation is an enormous financial challenge. We do not want to invest in ‘stones’ alone, but rather invest in people. And if we can later train even more people for God’s kingdom with a beautiful building, then that is an investment that will pay off in spades. We need almost 200,000 euros to make the entire building habitable for the students. You could contribute directly now by transferring a one-off (tax-deductible) donation, but it would help us even more if you would consider a monthly contribution. This gives us the certainty that the renovation will be completely successful and that we can continue to invest in people in the coming years.

Will you help?

You can indicate your interest or offer by email at: . Would you prefer a personal conversation? Then of course that is also possible. Please first send an email to the above email address with your contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Donations can be transferred to: Giro: 5688713. in the name of St. Royal Mission School Thank you!

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