Healing a damaged collarbone

Healed on March 30, 2010 during Wonderful Tuesday in Veenendaal!

Last night I was allowed to be there at the Shelter. It was certainly a wonderful Tuesday for me! Below is my testimony. It might be a bit long, but I can’t really decide what to cut out. Tuesday evening, March 30, I was at ‘The Shelter’ to listen to a Bible study. I know that people are always prayed for after those studies, but I didn’t grow up with that and never really know what to do with it. I always stayed there to see if something happened, so that I could say with certainty that it was or was not ‘good’. After an inspiring story from Martin about the story of the ‘kind-hearted barmaritan’ (Editor: Martin made two mistakes that evening) he wanted to pray with people. For a long time I wanted to ask if someone would like to pray for me. Yet I never dare to walk forward. Everyone will see you go and soon the person praying with you will still be talking so loudly that everyone can hear, just imagine! Or if you suddenly have to cry… Suddenly Martin said that there was someone who was suffering from a collarbone. He pointed to the exact spot he meant. Nobody responded. He pressed again, no one responded. A few times he repeated his request that he could pray for healing for this person. That spot just happens to be the spot that has been hurting me for a long time. It’s not a terrible pain that I can’t live with, but every morning when I wake up I have to gently push my shoulder back into the place where it belongs, because otherwise it feels like my collarbone is breaking off… right there. which Martin pointed out. That spot really hurts, but over the course of the day it becomes more and more flexible and at the end of the day it only feels like muscle pain when I rotate my shoulder. “There’s no way I’m going forward,” I thought. “It’s good that I’m staying here where I am.” Luckily someone else walked forward. I thought he probably also had problems with his collarbone. He pointed to a spot on his neck and shoulder, but Martin was really convinced that he ‘must have a collarbone’. Ultimately I thought, “Well, maybe this is God’s way of emphatically calling me to dare to come forward.” I walked forward, feeling sad and very surprised. I also thought it was a bit strange. That collarbone is not exactly something I would initially pray for. I have also experienced sad things that really bother me and I have asthma and I know other people I would like to pray for… Plenty of excuses and excuses, but I walked there anyway. Everyone joined in the prayer and I know that God can heal people! I know all I have to do is receive it. During this prayer the miracle happened! It felt like warm water was flowing through my shoulder, taking the pain with it. After the prayer I moved my shoulder, but I already knew. I didn’t feel any pain anymore. I could hardly believe it. Did this really happen? Had it really happened? When I got home I decided to put my special pillow aside and sleep on a regular pillow to check if it had really happened (yes, incredulous Thomas). This morning I woke up and when I opened my eyes I immediately felt that God had truly healed my collarbone. God heals! Even today! Even me! God showed me and the other people who were there this evening how great He is. But I think God also wanted to tell me to be patient. He took away my pain, while I actually had completely different things in mind to pray for. I think God is saying that I can bring all my sorrow and pain and difficulties to Him and then trust that in His time (when I least expect it) a solution will come. He doesn’t forget, He does it in His time! What a wonderful God we have! Kind regards, AD

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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