Handy guys, those Ethiopians!

The Ethiopian Christmas is over. The work on the farm is going well. Baukje really feels good again. The weather is lovely today. All good reasons to once again tell us what we see happening around us.

Christmas package

This is how we celebrated Christmas this year...I first have to tell you something funny about that Ethiopian Christmas. The day before yesterday, the day before Christmas, everyone you met on the street had an animal walking next to them or a chicken under their arm. That became the Christmas meal! The employees of Genesis Farm, where we are staying, all left with a beautiful clucking chicken under their arm and at Maranatha a cow had to be distributed. Now cow no. 20 wasn’t making much progress in terms of calves and milk, so you guessed it… We went to see how that went. Well, it may not be the nicest to see, but you see it regularly here… that’s how it goes here…

Ethiopian Christmas package

New driver’s license

As we mentioned in our blog “A driver’s license in Ethiopia”, we recently received an Ethiopian driver’s license. A temporary driver’s license, that is. We should actually get a normal driver’s license, but we ran out of passes. If we came back in a month, we would receive the normal driver’s license for free, which is valid for a few years. Now we would like to have this driver’s license since we have the plan in the back of our minds to come this way with a car once we have decided where we want to live. Saves another 2 tickets!

You also need a driver's license for the tractor!Well, this morning we went to the office again for new driving licenses. It went quickly this time; We were outside again within half an hour! With another temporary driver’s license… the passes were still not there. When I explained that we were thinking about entering the country again with a car, the official told us that we could drive with an expired driver’s license… he wrote down his name and telephone number and that was how it was done. well. Wonderful, what a practical guy! If it can’t be done the way it should be, then it should be done the way it can be done.

One is dead…

People in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa are often handy with the few resources they have. We often say to each other: “Yes, that’s actually quite smart…” In the above-mentioned blog we also told about the many accidents that unfortunately happen here. When we wrote that, we had just seen someone die along the road, after which a cross was immediately placed at this spot. That cross was of course an excellent monument for the deceased, but you can do much more with it! The fact is that there is an Ethiopian Beterband located at this location. Now these tire shops always have an old tire hanging next to the road and a long air hose so that they can do their work on the asphalt (in the middle of the road). Maybe you already feel it coming… (see photo below)

This is how we celebrated our Christmas...

We would also like to say that God is the very best employer! We got a 13th month for the first time in our lives…what a blessing!

Today we realized that we are leaving again in 2 weeks. Time flies when you’re having fun! Unfortunately, we will not meet the man who will take over our work because he will arrive a day after our departure, but he is a real professional so it will all get much better after we leave.

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