Growing in strength and character

As many know, I grew up with miracles * . The photos of miraculously healed people hung on the wall in my parental home as memorials of God’s power. Marie Mills had MS and rose from her wheelchair after a brief moment of prayer. Next to her hung Marry O’Neill, who was blind and completely regained her sight through a supernatural intervention. Somewhere in my youth, partly because of these testimonies, the yearning for God’s power was ignited in my heart. At that time I would walk through the fields for hours and hours praying because I wanted to experience all of God’s miracles. We are now many years further. Looking back, I have witnessed unique healings and divine interventions in meetings where I was allowed to speak and in places where I prayed for people. Yet what we are experiencing in that area is still far removed from the reality of God’s promises and the example of Jesus. That is why, in the midst of all gratitude, I always experience an intense cry for more strength. What is special is that in the last two years we have ‘suddenly’ seen an increase in the number and size of miracles. It seems like a breakthrough or growth spurt in working with the Holy Spirit. But why now all of a sudden? What is the reason for such a sudden development? Of course I asked myself those questions too. First of all, I believe in the principle: ‘If you are faithful in a little, God will entrust you with more’. God rewards faithfulness and perseverance. In addition, we certainly cannot reason everything out and put it into systems. Yet during this phase I personally experienced a truth that I teach to others: ‘It’s about character and strength!’ When God prunes us, more fruit will come. Through several intense and difficult moments, God has changed my heart and parallel to that, its strength has increased. One of the most recent pruning moments is my blog ‘ Dealing with half or temporary healings ‘. This spring, in response to these developments, we gave the ‘Growing in Mental Power’ course in Veenendaal for the first time with a team from Royal Mission. I really want to share the experiences and discoveries of recent times and bless people with the same growth in strength. A short promotional video for the course resulted in an overcrowded course in no time. We decided to repeat the course and registrations for round 2 came in even faster, so we had to cancel people. Participants literally came from all over the country to Veenendaal for 3 evenings. Sometimes more than 2 hours there and back later that evening. The spiritual hunger was overwhelming. Meanwhile, testimonials are coming in from participants who have experienced enormous growth and spiritual renewal through this course. For example, from an exhausted pastor who was about to let go of everything. He is now on fire for God again and overwhelmed by the love of Jesus. The core of the course does not consist of tips & tricks for more strength, but rather of principles for growth in your character. We tell the stories about our journey of discipleship following Jesus. We sow a hunger for more devotion and see the desire for a life full of God’s Spirit increase. Of course, on the last evening we personally lay hands on all participants, so that more spiritual power comes into their lives. These are holy moments, where power descends on people who desperately want to be like Jesus. If you dream of more power from God in your life, invest in your character. Then you prepare yourself for what God can just give. Character grows slowly because it is fruit. Power can just come, because it is a gift. Therefore, let your prayer be, “Lord, let my character grow so that it can bear the increase of strength!” In this way we will see the power of heaven break through on earth in a good, balanced and healthy way!

  • If you would like to take the ‘Growing in Mental Power’ course, keep an eye on our website. We will repeat it this autumn in Veenendaal.
  • If you can’t wait that long, come to our free training day on ‘Wonders of the Kingdom’ in Leeuwarden on June 2. You can read the information here.

* You can read more about this heremy book ‘Wonders of the Kingdom’ that is available via our webshop.

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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