Greetings from Uganda, Suriname and South Africa

We are passionate about blessing others by passing on what we have received to others. We may spread the good news of the Kingdom both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Suriname: Tough men who cry and the Royal Mission Suriname foundation is a fact!

The past two weeks were all about a special trip to Suriname by an RM team consisting of Benjamin, Ina, Theo, Martin Dol, Lieselot, Martin and Karin. After a year of preparation, we can now finally say: Royal Mission Suriname is a fact! As of 19 – 3 – 2019. With Gloria Lie Kwie Sjoe, Hanneke Tanck and Karin Koornstra as the board! A strong team of a Dutch and Surinamese couple form the core and this team will be expanded in the coming years.

This core team and all Surinamese volunteers involved were prepared in recent weeks to start the Part-time school in Suriname next fall. There are already 25 participants and 3 churches involved. In addition, the RM team was able to invest a lot these weeks at the daycare center, at the radio, in the children’s home, in a youth service, during the conference and in great conversations. The program also included an Inspiration Day about child and youth work with 100 people. Various churches were visited where we were allowed to speak and encourage many people. Sometimes for all adults, sometimes for dozens of children.
Martin Koornstra: A visit to the prison where we were allowed to pray and sing for and with the prisoners was very impressive. Big tough men who burst into tears on the spot.

Native Americans
There was also a heart-warming meeting with the former students of the Indian children’s home where Karin lived and worked for two years and with all the relatives of Indians. Karin Koornstra:. It’s always emotional when I see them. I taught them how to swim, cycle, play the guitar and play basketball and I also learned a lot from them myself. Such an important time for me and so much is still going on with them.”
During the many meetings, many useful items and gifts were left behind and there was also time to spot dolphins, go to the jungle and meet the sponsored child. In short, it was a blessing and being blessed with our fellow brothers and sisters in Suriname! Gado bang!

Uganda: “It seems like the time for action”

Under the leadership of Jan de Haan (Rotsvast Bible School) and RM Ministry Coordinator Henk Rozema, the group of full-time students who went to Uganda experienced a journey full of wonderful contacts and miracles. Jan de Haan: “Africa and its inhabitants have truly had a transformative effect. They have visited schools, hospitals, orphanages and prisons with mission in mind. A number of highlights in words and images:

We were guests at a funeral of a family member of one of the leaders of Firm Foundation. There they were able to pray for a lot of people. A boy was carried to them because he could not walk on his own, and after prayer he was able to walk by the hand. The next day they checked if he was still okay and he walks short distances independently. Afterwards, student Jaco gave a very powerful testimony and, at Jan’s call, several adults and many children came forward to give their lives to Jesus and receive prayer. We went to Amina orphanage to bring clothes and toys. This was received with tears of joy. They were also in the prisons, where the first visit was especially special. 120 men and 4 women gave their hearts to Jesus for the first or umpteenth time.

At the second prison, young people and kids showed up at our bus and Jan felt it upon his heart to go to them and tell the story of Zacchaeus. This caused a stampede and eventually there were more than 70 children and adults listening to the story. When asked if Jesus could come into their inner house, many said yes and then they were allowed to pray for people. In total, more than 400 people came to faith (for the first time or again), several people were healed in a spectacular way, 19 people were baptized and around 20 babies were dedicated. In addition, lifelong friendships were made. “

South Africa: “The atmosphere changed in the house”

A team of 11 full-time students and 3 supervisors, Ruth Wortel, Sjoerd Devor and Hilde Sikkema, visited various projects in South Africa in recent weeks. Hilde Sikkema: “We have not only met wonderful people and seen a lot, we have also been able to roll up our sleeves in practical terms over the past period.

From ICT jobs to painting walls, cleaning or renovating a shed, games and crafts with children in the children’s work in Knysna. We are in awe of the many things God has done. one of the projects we visited is Beth Uriel in Cape Town, a shelter for boys. While doing odd jobs, the boys from our team developed a good bond with the boys in the shelter. The ground floor has been thoroughly cleaned and largely painted. A special moment that stays with me is that we were allowed to pray for Melvin as a group, Melvin is the leader of Beth Uriel. It was a very powerful and moving moment in which the atmosphere in the house changed. Light in the darkness through God’s love!”

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