Goodbye South Africa!!!

And then it was time to pack our suitcases again… Our South Africa adventure is over. It was an educational time that we will never forget! waving goodbye at the soup kitchenIn addition, it has also been a very good intermediate step to “the real Africa”. Here you have many people around you with more or less the same culture, the weather is not extreme, hygiene is good and it is not difficult to find “normal groceries”. We’ll just have to wait and see what this will be like from now on… Here we have had the opportunity to get used to the absence of our dear friends and family in a relaxed way. And then of course the African traffic… that wasn’t too bad here either. It was limited to a single cyclist on the highway, overtaking on the wrong side and things like that, which was still neat by African standards! The great Director has arranged it well! Let’s evaluate point by point: Charibiz: We achieved our goal. We wanted to bring peace to the project through administration and structure. This is currently working well and everyone involved is satisfied with it. This also provides the opportunity to quickly see whether people are really benefiting from the project and who needs the most help. Looking back, we also love seeing how (by the grace of God) we were able to help Maxwell and Andre get a steady income and we enjoy seeing that they enjoy their work and mean a lot to the project!


Tunnel holders: unfortunately there are no figures available for the revenues of the tunnel holders at the time we came here. However, it is clear that more is currently being harvested, which means more income for the tunnel holders. In addition, there were previously a few tunnel holders who had never actually grown anything successfully (due to a failed harvest or other problems). Currently, almost all tunnels are productive. This is mainly due to the efforts of Maxwell and Andre.

Learned about development work: we gained a lot of insight through the project, our visit to ACAT and conversations with other people who are committed to combating poverty. We have now worked with microcredit and although this system has a lot of potential and is very popular, we have also encountered problems. Of course, it is not as simple as it often seems… starting capital does not guarantee a successful business. At Double Harvest in Ethiopia they have the same goal but a completely different way of working, so we are very curious… we will probably write a report at the end of our “orientation and assistance year” with our findings about effective and sustainable development work.

Learned about our life in Africa: we found outnice-farewell-at-the-spur that relationships are very important to us. More important than we realized. We invested too little in this in the beginning. However, we were later blessed with this 🙂 We will seek a healthier balance between work and free time at subsequent locations from the start. We also notice that we like to “be among people.” The house where we stayed here is beautiful but somewhat remote. Apparently we are real “people people.” That doesn’t matter, because after all we want to help people too!

packing upWell, we’ll just stomp on our suitcases to close them! Tomorrow we have a day flight and we will arrive in Addis Ababa early in the evening. We already know what we can do in Ethiopia, it will be a big responsibility! We will write more about this after arriving in Ethiopia! Everyone who has helped us here in South Africa in any way: thank you for everything!

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