Good results and many police stations…

Just a message from South Africa before we leave for the Netherlands on Tuesday evening. We are coming for two weddings, but after almost 2 months in South Africa we are also looking forward to meeting friends and family! But first the latest news…

The work continues

We have been busy preparing for our absence over the past week. Andre and Maxwell will have to do it alone for 2 weeks, but that will be fine! The tunnel owners’ turnover is increasing every week and the systems we have introduced so far seem to be working well. Andre and Maxwell indicate that they now enjoy their work more due to more clarity and we have not heard tunnel holders talking about credits that we don’t remember for a while. Yes!man-plant-spinach Baukje has discussed how the administration and planning work with Andre twice in the past week and he is now completely happy with it. As we recently wrote, we see Andre continuing to revive after a few difficult years in his life…

Last week we held a coloring competition at the soup kitchen. It kept the children busy for a while, it was unbelievable how enthusiastically they were coloring, they really enjoyed it! This also gave me some time to look for bread… Every week we receive about 80 to 120 “misbakes” at a bread factory. These are the unwrapped loaves that are a bit crooked, small or damaged, but tasty and healthy! Many of the children who visit the soup kitchen are orphans or have other problems (social worker Nancy “selects” the children) and the people who care for them often desperately need this extra. However, the factory had no misfires this Friday, so we were able to make a phone call on Saturday morning. There was also no problem on Saturday morning! While Baukje was helping with the coloring competition, I told Nancy that I would see if I could arrange something… I have no idea how, but what else can you do! I drove down the highway in our Chinese van while praying. “Lord, how do we do this? We can’t send these children home without bread, can we?” I decided to go to Previn’s supermarket to see if we could arrange something there. Previn let me take 10 fresh loaves of bread with me! However, this was still not enough to help 50 children through the weekend… When we were loading the loaves, the bread factory called to ask if I could come as quickly as possible, there was something that could help us get bread. When I got there I was given a mega load of loaves! Premium packaged brown loaves, hot from the oven! They were just among the orders for the customers and I still don’t understand what happened… One thing is clear again, God provides!

Last Saturday we awarded the prizes for the coloring competition. Everyone did their best and they all won a bubble blower. The first prize for the boys was a football and for the girls the game twister. Party! won-football

The project after Charibiz…

Tomorrow we have an interview at ACAT (site is not really hip…). This is an organization that gives people in poor areas about 150 km away training courses that last a week. This training is 50% about the Kingdom of God and 50% about skills such as setting up your own business and things like growing food. Time has shown that their training programs are incredibly good! When we first got here, we spent an afternoon there and the work they did really appealed to us. They have been around for 30 years and are highly regarded because of their good results. Tomorrow we have a meeting with the director to see if we can maybe do something with ACAT… One of the things they are focusing on now is multiplying their successful concept in other countries! In the Netherlands we will also have some discussions to look at future projects.

Police station

Unfortunately, we have been to a police station a few times in the past week and a half. The first time Andre and Maxwell had a collision with the Chinese. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, they were parked and a car reversed into them… the car is currently at the paint shop and tomorrow evening we will collect the money, so arranged. damage-chinese1 The second case is unfortunately less easily solved. The alarm went off here during the night from Thursday to Friday. Now this happens more often, but Baukje thought he had heard something. I went to take a look but nothing stood out. We went back to sleep but the next morning we discovered that a window had been broken open. The “burglars” probably ran away when the alarm went off. Unfortunately, they stole some of our clothes that were hanging on the washing line… luckily not very expensive stuff, but it quickly amounts to more than €150… When we first wanted to report this to the police station in the wrong place, we had to go one more desk and the score reached 3 desks in just over a week, more than enough for the near future! By the way, things are well organized here with the police, we have been helped quickly every time and there is currently extra patrolling here!

We look forward to meeting you in the Netherlands! Yes… you too!

If you are afraid that we will not meet you, you can always leave a comment just to be sure 😉

Be blessed!

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