Goliath’s method

Below you can read an excerpt from the new book ‘Winning for the King’ by Martin Koornstra. From the first day of this battle, the day that Goliath walks into the valley, he makes a proposal to Israel. “Why should you go up and fight?” he shouts to the men on the hill. His voice sounds arrogant and his heart is nothing more than a proud piece of meat. “Choose someone from among you and bring him down here. If he can face me and defeat me, we will be subject to you, but if I can face him and defeat him, you will be subject to us and serve us as slaves.” Still quite a good offer. Instead of thousands of deaths, this conflict can be settled with just one victim. That saves a lot of bloodshed and unnecessary suffering. Each nation sends its own representative and they fight it out among themselves. Of course, Goliath is the representative of the Philistines and he challenges the army of Israel to choose someone for single combat. Now one of Saul’s men must be prepared to attack this metal colossus in the valley almost unprotected and alone. Israel’s enemy reduces the war of nation against nation to a battle of one against one. That is exactly what our opponent is doing to us. Our battle does not take place in the crowd, when we all stand together on the ridge. The attack comes when we are alone, when the pack is gone. Just like with Jesus. He suffered his greatest spiritual attacks when others were not present: in the solitude of the desert, when his friends slept in Gethsemane, and finally in desolation on the cross. On Sundays in church we feel strong. Our group of fellow believers offers us safety and the giants seem far away. The hustle and bustle of people around us makes us forget the difficulties. But on Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon you suddenly come face to face with your problem. The crowd is no longer there. The encouragement is gone. Spiritual struggle mainly takes place when you are alone. The fear and rejection are never as great as when you are lonely in your room. The unclean thoughts are immeasurably stronger when you sit alone staring at your computer screen. Then it’s make or break. Emptiness and negative thoughts attack you at times when you are alone. When no one is around, the most terrible ideas are pumped into your head. Food addiction or anorexia always takes place in secret. You cheat on your partner secretly and you make unfair deals in back rooms. If no one sees it, you kill the pain by cutting yourself. Even evangelizing is a lot easier for us in a group than when we are alone and try to tell someone about Jesus. We then become so afraid of everything that we usually avoid the opportunity to pass on good news ourselves. Giants separate you from the group and attack you there. They’re going to duel you. Lions isolate an antelope from the herd and then strike. Your struggle and my struggle mainly take place in loneliness, when we are alone. The greatest losses are experienced in the dim part of our lives. That probably explains the immense difference between the strength of our meetings, services and conferences, and the weakness of many Christians in their personal lives. In the isolation of our fellow fighters we suffer loss. Fortunately, there is also the opportunity to win! The power of isolation On the mountain we cheer, but in the valley we fight. We often lose there, but we can also triumph there. Victories are won in the valley, in the open field and in the deserted desert. In the silence God speaks and in times of isolation you are gripped by his power. Even a calling is mainly received in lonely places, like Moses near a burning bush. The breakthrough in your ministry also takes place in the desert, as with John the Baptist. Jesus was driven into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. There came the frontal attack on his divine identity and in that endless sandbox the victory was also achieved. The devil left Him alone and angels served Him. You are mainly tested in isolation. God brings you to places where you are tested, just like a teacher tests you to let you experience that you have mastered his teaching. A good grade is then a celebration for you and a compliment to the good teacher, because you have understood his lessons. The education was classical, but you always take the test alone. On your own. Apparently we have to make the choice to walk into the valley alone and start the fight. Look our problem straight in the eye and choose a confrontation. We should not run away, swallow everything again or deny your difficulties, but choose the pain and recognize that Goliath is there. There are things in life that are worth fighting hard for and confronting. HERE you can order the book ‘Winning for the King’.

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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