God always plants a seed, never a tree!

Karin and I worked at the VBG Bethel in Drachten for more than ten years. At the time, we had the privilege of leading a huge children’s and youth ministry for five years together with a wonderful leadership team. The fruits and progress were visible in people, in families, but also in growth in numbers, in quality and in the teams.

Yet at that time an uneasy feeling arose. Our church already had almost everything: a large building, more than twenty paid people, fame in the country… and almost 4,000 visitors per weekend. It would be great if this church grew even bigger, but our country needed and needs more. In that phase of unrest, a new dream emerged. We wanted to commit ourselves to the entire church from a passion for the Kingdom of God. Sometime in May 2009, in our living room with some friends, we dreamed about a royal movement that would enthuse and equip the church. This is how Royal Mission was born like a small seed in our hearts. God had something planned.

Now we are ten years later and we see the seed growing into a tree with many fruits. Beautiful! And just as nature goes through seasons, so have we: summer joy over harvest and winter sadness over loss, autumn storms of power and spring’s brand new ideas and breakthroughs. We have suffered and endured it all, by God’s grace. But if your roots are deep, you will always get through and your tree will be stronger, wider and with more fruit the next year.

A feast for the Lord
Last weekend we celebrated our tenth anniversary. A ‘Hooray, it’s our birthday’ anniversary. Hundreds of people attended one of the three Experience Parties. First we enjoyed the inspiring road movie about 10 years of Royal Mission, in which we saw the tour through the Netherlands and how many people got on or joined. Afterwards, visitors, friends and supporters were allowed to tour our new building in groups. In five atmospheric rooms they saw, felt and heard what Royal Mission does. Short, powerful pitches about Inspiration, Education, Church Building, Children & Youth Work and Leadership. Within half an hour everyone had seen the building and, above all, experienced everything that has emerged and grown over the past ten years. A celebration of the Lord and His work in and through us.

Watch the special ‘road movie’ about 10 years of Royal Mission here

We gave thanks on Saturday evening. A Thanksgiving celebration in which we sang ‘long may we live’ with bells, hats and streamers. But also short stories about unique moments, an impression of the opening of our building with leaders from the country, a wonderful time of worship and a short challenge to go on an adventure yourself.

Just get going
Let God make your heart uneasy with the status quo. Dare to make room for something new. Even if it’s just a mini seed, while you’re sitting on the couch in the living room. God can also grow a huge tree in you over the years if you just keep going.

Suppose we had chosen the safety of our place in Drachten. What would have happened if we hadn’t left our jobs for this new adventure? I don’t know, but I’m sure we missed a lot of great experiences with God and with people.

“Let us therefore receive with thankfulness the kingdom that is steadfast, so that we may serve God as he delights in it with reverence and awe” (Hebrews 12:28). Receive again and again the ‘royalty’ that He gives you and go on your way with gratitude, in awe of the great King. He will guide, protect and bless you.

We are so grateful to God for everything that has been. He has proven faithful in summer and winter, in autumn and spring. And now we look at what lies ahead, because ‘the best is yet to come’. The tree may continue to grow. For you too. Are you getting in?

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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