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As Martin Koornstra wrote in his blog of January 1, discipleship has become a hype in the church in the Netherlands. Many conferences and study days have already been organized around this theme. It was therefore quite exciting to hold the first training day on this theme from Royal Mission. It was a beautiful and interesting day in Gouda and we are preparing for a second training day on discipleship. It will be held in Ede. Since this is a very important topic, I would like to put together some thoughts in preparation for the next training day. Methodology It would be nice if Christian bookstores had books with a clear methodology that you could use in the local church. This methodology would then be the key to turning church people into disciples. Unfortunately, that is not the case, although there are plenty of books that claim to hold the key. I see more power is a tailor-made route, suitable for the church that has the courage to make a diagnosis, but also suitable for the Christian who wants to know what it takes to follow Jesus closely.Departure point The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment & Rijkswaterstaat has come up with a nice slogan to ensure that we understand the many works on the road. We are going from A to Better with the infrastructure in the Netherlands. This is also a great starting point for discipleship. The church goes from A to Better and needs a route for that. To know how such a route works, you first need to know where you are starting from. This requires a clear and honest look at how the flag is hung. The honest view tells us that most churches do not produce disciples, but consumers and that many Christians find it difficult to take responsibility for their spiritual lives. This is not intended to be judgmental, but actually helps to discover where one is on the road map.End point The end point seems clear, we want to go for disciples. The question, however, is whether that end point is so clear. I think the definition of a disciple is too quickly assumed to be known. What exactly is a disciple? Is every Christian automatically born again as a disciple or are certain choices required for this? How can a disciple be recognized? What does it cost you? What does it get you? Very important questions answeredmust before we can work on a route from A to Better.The route The route from A to Better seems very attractive. Everyone wants to be a disciple, right? The question is whether that is the case. There were many people who wanted to join Jesus when He walked the earth. Jesus was at least interesting because of the things He did. Sometimes Jesus, through some violent statements, shook the tree to see who was really willing to follow Him. The conclusion was often that people dropped out.Then many disciples withdrew and did not continue with him. (John 6:66) Christians are dropping out because they realize that it will cost something to be a disciple of Jesus. Your life will change and you will make different choices. You give up the right to your own life…Better However, that life with Jesus is oneBetter to live. It is even itBest life you can choose. It is not always nice and pleasant, but you choose to trust Jesus. It will be a life in which you can trust that every event is a learning moment, in which you become more and more like Jesus. Your unique life becomes a unique journey from A to Better. We can help each other with that. If churches engage in this and if Christians are willing to learn from each other, the church will undergo an unprecedented metamorphosis. Will I see you on the training day of May 21 in Ede?Here you can read the content of this day and register yourself.Here you can watch the trailer. Want to read more blogs related to discipleship?

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