Desire for miracles!

I grew up with miracles. In recent years I have increasingly realized how special that is. The memories of supernatural events go back a long way. As a child, I was openly aware of miraculous touches from God during meetings and experienced heavenly interventions in crisis situations. I am extremely grateful to God and my parents for that. Then the intense desire for God’s power was born in me. Towards the end of my teenage years, the hunger for the tangible power of God began to consume me. Encouraged and inspired by my youth leaders, who were true spiritual adventurers, the desire for the power of God’s Spirit grew day by day. Sometimes I would walk for hours praying, crying out and asking for a new touch. After school, I threw my bag in the corner, sat on the floor and said, “Lord, I’m back.” And over and over again it seemed like God just sat next to me. When I think about this, tears run down my face and I feel homesick for that time. My spiritual hunger prompted me to read dozens of biographies of men and women who were mightily used by God. The books by John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, John Alexander Dowie and Kathryn Kuhlman have especially made a deep impression on me. I always consciously looked at the age at which certain breakthroughs in their lives took place to determine whether it was still feasible for my life. I just didn’t want to fall behind. Furthermore, I continually searched for literature on revivals from recent history. Reports from South America, Asia and Africa. It’s just mind blowing to read all those stories. Sometimes we heard that there was a special speaker in the Netherlands. I then jumped in the car with some friends and drove there. So we witnessed all kinds of gatherings. Sometimes impressive, sometimes a major disappointment. But the hunger for more of God continued to grow. The holy fire continued to be fanned further. My desire for powerful full-time ministry in God’s Kingdom was awakened. I couldn’t really imagine any other meaningful way to spend my life. After college and a few years of work, I would work as a powerful preacher. From that time on, the list of the nine spiritual gifts from 1 Corinthians 12 was especially high on my wish list. I had to and would have a supernatural life. As a teenager I was responsible for mowing the grass in our garden. Because we had a Bible school at home, it was quite a garden and a job of at least two hours each time. In the meantime, ideal times to call on God and express my desire for miracles. The noise of the lawnmower allowed me to shout out my passion and dreams to God to my heart’s content. No one was bothered by it! “Let gifts of healing become strong in my life, Lord. Give me revelations through words of knowledge and prophecies to encourage people.” So I poured out my heart and cried out to God for quite some time. The entire line of Spiritual gifts came along several times. I mentioned diseases by name and declared that they have been conquered. I regularly cried as I walked behind that machine. Mowing the lawn thus became a walk with God and a fervent prayer meeting in the garden. Wonderful and I also got paid for that ‘work’! Later I discovered that my father had been watching several times. On my wedding day he read a letter in which he had collected anecdotes from my life. He did that for all four of his children. In one of those anecdotes he described how he had seen me while mowing the lawn, crying out to God. He added that even then he was convinced that what I prayed would become a reality in my life. As he read this part, tears streamed down his face. We both knew: God would come with his power! In the meantime, after years of growth, disappointments and perseverance, I can see more and more of God’s (healing) power. I wish you that you continue to go on an adventure and discover that God’s promises are really true. For you too! This text comes from Martin Koornstra’s book ‘ Wonders of the Kingdom ‘. In it, Martin describes a unique journey in discovering God’s power and the adventure of stepping out into it.Order the book here!

About Martin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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