Dare to dream!

Do you dare? Dreaming of God’s plan for your life? I have been able to discover the dream for my life in recent years and I am working hard to realize it. God created everyone with a plan, with a purpose. For some this means caring for your neighbor in need, for others it means standing up for people who end up in the sex industry as a result of human trafficking. Yet another He gives a heart and passion for evangelism or caring for homeless people in the city center. Together we form the complete puzzle of God’s heavenly dream for us on earth. We regularly pray in the Lord’s Prayer that ‘His will be done in heaven as well as on earth’. There we actually ask for His beautiful plan to be carried out through us on earth. When I asked God a few years ago if I was in the place He had planned for me, He opened a new path and revealed my part of His dream step by step. This dream is now very concrete and very clear. I dream of a revival of the church in North Friesland. When I read the book “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson a year ago, I found new inspiration to pursue this dream even more strongly than I already did. In this inspiring book, Bruce provides powerful encouragement to pursue your dream. He outlines the challenges and difficult situations that come your way and how you can overcome them. He encourages you to live your dream. I would like to highly recommend this book to you! I want to take you into my dream. Keep in mind that this is now a process of 10 years of searching, trying, falling and getting back up again! On the one hand, North Friesland is a relatively small, sparsely populated area. On the other hand, it is an area where more than 300,000 people live. There are many villages and towns and at least as many churches. Many of these churches are in need. Declining visitor numbers, little living faith and a lack of vision mean that there is little hope. I notice a great passion within me to give churches that hope again and to help them achieve their destination. To rediscover and relive the purpose for which they exist. We currently have 3 resources that we are implementing and another 2 that we are dreaming about. We can deploy youth workers at 8 churches to help reach and inspire teenagers and young people with God’s fantastic message. We often also help them in organizing Sunday services with new inspiring forms or in reaching parents and interacting with young adults. We also train youth leaders, youth elders and youth workers in our youth work training in Drachten, which covers the most important principles of good youth work. The training focuses on youth leaders from the entire country and not specifically North Friesland. Starting this month, we will start a monthly prayer meeting in Zwaagwesteinde under the wings of the Evangelical Work Association of the PKN, where we want to pray to God to realize His dream in North Friesland. Prayer is an important key that God has given and that we want to use with passion and enthusiasm. (https://www.ewv.nl/agenda/gebedsavond-zwaagwestereinde) We will also start this spring with periodic meetings where we want to encourage young people and adults in their faith and inspire them to help build in their own community. Finally, we dream of the possibility of finding sponsors who want to make it possible to place youth workers at churches with a lack of money and/or vision for a very low amount or a donation. We will investigate whether this is possible in the near future.How do you discover God’s dream for your life? It is necessary to create situations where God can speak to you and ignite your dream. Maybe you have to have the courage to turn off the TV at certain times and pray. Maybe you should listen to a sermon about finding your dream on the Internet or attend a conference whose theme appeals to you. Ask others to pray for you as you long to find your dream. The latter seems easy, but it takes courage to ask others. Your dream is usually outside your comfort zone so start with this first step. It is often the case that the dream that God has placed in you is already known to you, but you ignore it or push it away in your head because you think it is too big. Maybe you think it doesn’t suit you or you are afraid of the consequences if you go after it. You can know that when you go along the way and take steps, God will confirm you very clearly if you are on the right course, but He can also direct you if the course needs to be changed slightly. As you take your first step, I want to encourage you to reveal your desires to God and trust Him. He takes care of you and wants to pave the way for you! (Psalm 37:3,4, Prov 3:5,6). He knows what you need to get what He created you to do. And you can bet that He knows very well the circumstances you are in and also how He can get you from A to B. Everything is possible for those who believe! (Mark 9:22-24). This text is not intended to force you to believe that God is leading you, but to encourage you to believe in the greatness of God. Dare to dream!

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