Cure thyroid and iron deficiency

On Sunday, January 23, I attended the healing service of the Free Baptist Church of Groningen. I wanted to experience what it was like, and actually also to see whether people would really be healed. I came with my husband and a friend with her mother. I had just been told on Wednesday that my blood was not good. The GP would further explain what was going on in a personal conversation. I was often ill, short of breath, dizzy, tired, gained weight quickly, had many infections in gums, cuticles, throat, flu, my nails became ribbed. I was convinced that I was seriously ill and was therefore quite scared… Your blood can tell a lot about your health, but I had resigned myself to it, I will hear what the results are. It was so busy during the healing service that I waited for more than an hour. Then my girlfriend was very rude, because she saw that my courage was failing and it was already very late. I still had to catch my bus home. She approached Martin Koornstra and asked if he wanted to pray with me because we still had a bus to catch. I felt very embarrassed, because who is in a hurry for a miracle??!! You can’t push God.

Martin placed his hands on me and began to pray that all illness would leave my blood and against my heart palpitations and shortness of breath and that all dark forces should leave me. I felt tingling throughout my body and I fell back, trying very hard to stay upright. It felt to me that God was with me and he took the evil out of me, set me free, and embraced me with his love. After the prayer I could barely walk so I sat down on a chair, my husband held me back during the prayer otherwise I would fall. I realized it but couldn’t do anything about it anymore, God was with me, that was great. As I walked out of the church, I told my friend and her mother and of course my husband, I AM HEALED! God touched me, I feel good, I will run home, I don’t have to take the bus, I am healthy again. they had to laugh at me. It is wonderful to be touched by God, it was very intense, and cannot be compared to anything else in the world, such peace, love, power and grace. The doctor’s appointment was still standing, so when I got there, the doctor said, you don’t have an allergy, but you do have… a malfunctioning thyroid gland and iron deficiency in your blood. I also had all the symptoms of those two diseases, but this blood was drawn for the healing service. I wanted to have the blood drawn again. for I wondered whether God had really purified my blood, or whether it was my imagination. I didn’t dare ask, but luckily the doctor said yesterday, just have your blood tested again, because he wanted to know the exact values ​​of the thyroid and iron before starting medication or any other treatment. So I immediately had blood drawn again, quite exciting, I also prayed very deeply. I have promised God that I will trust him. This morning the doctor called me with the results: I AM CURED!! The assistant said, uhm yes, what is your date of birth…. what is your name??? which street do you live on? uhm yes then I have good news (with doubt in her voice) your blood is completely clean. Good iron values ​​and a normally functioning thyroid gland!!!! I WANT TO GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR FOR THIS, WHAT A MIGHTY GOD, OUR FATHER, PROVIDER AND HEADER. The whole world needs to know that it is not an act, but that God still has mercy on us today and can heal people, this is not a coincidence, I have been healed by the blood of Jesus, and the power of God. I hope to encourage many people with my testimony and that many people turn to God in difficult times, because He can give you strength, grace, love and a peace that works through everything. My girlfriend has also experienced the power of God and feels free and happy to live for God. Previously she was depressed and introverted, but she has now become much more cheerful and open. This is no coincidence, God has healed her inner pain, given her new strength and freed her from evil powers and curses. I can really see the difference in her eyes and behavior. My husband says he can also notice it in me, my look, my attitude, everything has changed positively by the grace of God. I have more patience, more love to give, more energy, and more peace in my heart than I have ever had. At first I was giggling on the bus because I was so cheerful and didn’t want to stop talking about it. Now they are also happy because I am cured of something that a doctor can even confirm. I don’t understand why people still doubt it. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

About Martin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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