Coincidence or guidance?

This afternoon I experienced something beautiful again.

One of the things we are currently working on is contact with machine suppliers. At the moment we actually have 2 suppliers who can both supply suitable machines. These are the German company Wikon and the Dutch MEAF. Wikon is a small company whose owner, Thomas, has already helped us a lot. For example, I once spent 2 days at his factory to build a machine and to be completely introduced to the technology of thermoforming. Naturally, both suppliers find their machine slightly more suitable than the other and we also have a slight preference. But the price is of course also very important, because it determines the amount that needs to be financed.

In addition to the thermoformer, we also need an extruder and a printer. In short, it means that the extruder processes the raw material (granulate/pellets) into a plate. The thermoformer turns this plate into yogurt cups or other products and the printer prints them. Wait, I still have a picture of this!

Extrusion process A simple view of an extruder (left) and a thermoformer (right)

Now both suppliers of the thermoformers are also working on offering us a printer. Both have “their” contacts so that they can offer suitable second-hand printers. To make the lines a little shorter, this morning our German friend Thomas gave me the address of his contact for printers. It turned out to be a Dutch company (CIS), so we can have direct contact.

At the same time, Thomas had sent our details to the company in question with a brief explanation. It only took a moment before I received a call from the owner of GOS. GOS international specializes in printers for our application. The owner was busy, but when he saw the email he wanted to call us right away. He came to our website via our email address and saw that we were starting our company in Debre Zeit. This was special! A few years ago, together with a friend, he was involved in starting a development aid organization called Passion Connects. Because he was busy with his business, he was no longer very busy with it. We already knew Passion Connects, they are located in Debre Zeit…

You understand that we immediately had a certain “click”. GOS has been in “our” industry for years and since both MEAF and Wikon are their customers, they would like to give us impartial advice. Who knows what we can do for each other! We have an appointment on Thursday.

Coincidence does not exist…

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