Children have no lesser Holy Spirit

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 there will be another Wonderful Sunday especially for children. As a family we are really looking forward to it. This afternoon we came up with the idea to record the video below. After watching, scroll further down, because I would like to tell you about three discoveries I made! httpss://

Discovery 1: Children do not have a smaller Holy Spirit

God’s power becomes visible in childlike faith. That is quite special when you consider that that power is overwhelmingly great : it is the same power by which Christ rose from the dead (Ephesians 1:19-20). Our youngest son is four, almost five. When I take him to school in the morning, we first hang his Cars bag on the coat rack. Then his jacket goes after it. He walks into the classroom holding my hand, says ‘good morning’ to the teacher and finds his way to his seat. As I wave to him – three peats high – I remember that God’s Spirit has just as much power in my little boy as it did during the resurrection of Jesus. The Spirit has not changed. And if children do not have a smaller Holy Spirit, then even today everything is possible in my son’s life.

Discovery 2: Children want to be with Jesus

When Jesus was on earth, children felt at home with Him. The mothers trusted Him and brought their children to Jesus. The worst that could happen was that Jesus’ disciples prevented them from coming to Jesus. Actually, it’s still exactly the same today. Jesus loves children and children love Jesus. They feel perfectly that they are safe with Him. All God asks of us is that we place them on Jesus’ lap and not create any obstacles. Children feel safe with Jesus.

Discovery 3: Demonstrating is the best way to learn (but it works both ways)

When I look at our children, I see an enlargement of myself. I recognize the beautiful character traits – they are festive and abundant, sometimes verging on rowdy. But the same applies to my weaknesses. And that is quite painful to see. Children learn the most from the behavior we show. The difficult thing is that the memory of your negative behavior often sticks more easily than your positive walk with God. That’s why we have taught ourselves to be explicit in naming and describing beautiful things. Don’t pray quietly, just pray out loud. Naming the wonders of everyday life. Donate money together to great causes. Doing jobs together. If someone falls or is in pain, we lay hands on each other, pray for healing and stick a band-aid. And after we go to church next Sunday, we will have lunch together. Then we get on our bikes to go to the Wonderful Sunday in the afternoon. Just. Because we don’t want to prevent our children from being with Jesus. And because showing is the best way to learn. What discoveries have you made about children and God? Feel free to comment!

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