Champagne against the wall

When is your children’s service successful? When are you successful? That is of course very difficult to measure. If there are many children? Or if everything goes according to schedule? What are the conditions that you must meet so that your children’s club is successful? Maybe by having a beautiful room or large budgets or a fantastic program? All good things in themselves, nothing wrong with that. And then of course you prepare well, work together with your team, vary your program, and take leadership. All important. When I think back as a child to my own children’s club, I experience what had the most influence on me is the fact that people knew my name and I was allowed to participate. When I arrived on my bike I was already shouting: Hey Karin, nice to have you back. They knew my name and who I was! I sat there in the 1st row and was allowed to play guitar for the songs we sang. I felt very important and felt that I was needed. I actually led the music when I was 11 years old. Children want to be involved and needed. They want to feel valuable and be seen. It is my passion to let children be an active part of the Kingdom of Jesus and to guide them in this as adults. Not occasionally as a kind of event, but as a lifestyle. Not a one-time explosion of power but a continuous flow of life-giving water. When I started running the children’s club myself, all the children asked if they could stay with me. This goes further than just having a club together on Sunday or providing a service on Friday evening. This is about letting children into your home, into your life and immerse yourself in their world. I approached it as follows. They were allowed to come and stay in pairs with their best friend, choose what we would eat and do. So many weekends we ate fries, pancakes or pizza, as long as it started with a P! And we went swimming, to the cinema or the forest. They loved staying with their leader and watching my life. I believe that in those moments a lot happened in their and my hearts. A close bond and real relationship was created. In Mat.19:14 it says: ‘Leave the children alone, do not hinder them from coming to me, forkingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like them’. Jesus had time for children. The three Gospels describe the same incident, children are brought to Jesus and Jesus pays attention to them. Our youth group also enjoyed being with us. The room next to our house was busy and used for fun evenings and sleepovers by them. Then they were casually asked if they could come and watch a DVD marathon. Oh yes, and if they could also borrow our DVD player, and yes, our TV too! At night they slept in that room and our refrigerator was plundered. Cake and coke just disappeared from the fridge! On New Year’s Eve they all came to us to celebrate and the champagne bottle was shaken vigorously and then opened. How special that the champagne then sprayed out onto our walls and dripped down from the ceiling. In all the consternation, someone threw a big candle on the floor with a lot of candle wax on my beautiful blue carpet! Nice, all those young people… but it was so much fun, and we had such good conversations. Jesus gave His life for us, He gave everything He had. This way we can give what we can from our luxurious and beautiful homes. And yes, that costs you something, it costs you time and money, and that sometimes causes stains and mess. I believe that the greatest conditions for a successful children’s service or club are: sharing your life with the children or young people, sharing your home and everything you have. Love the young people and let them feel it. Do you also want to invest in children or teenagers? Do you want to build a real bond with them? Invite them to your home and share your life with them. They need you, they need examples. People who demonstrate the character of God. Because you know, we’re not doing an activity, we’re not running a club, we’re changing lives! Do you want free training in child and youth work? Come to our training day in Buitenpost this Saturday. HERE all info

About Karin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Martin en moeder van 2 geweldige dochters Ingeborg en Lieselot. Leerkracht, coach, leider en dirigent.Gepassioneerd voor goed kinderwerk in elke kerk!

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