Challenges vs. To enjoy

Sometimes there are days when everything seems to go wrong…

…Yet another part of the machines is broken…

…Can’t find good parts in Debre Zeit…

…And not in Addis either, so we have to have it brought from the Netherlands….

…That is why production sometimes comes to a standstill…

…and when we start running again, we sometimes have to stop again because we have run out of boxes…

…We ordered them well in time, but hey; accidentally made the wrong quality boxes and so they have to start over again…

…another two weeks later, many visits, many phone calls and a lot of annoyances later…

…The man who is laying our terrace in the meantime then starts complaining that he has laid some extra square meters and therefore needs more money (if we have 88m2 of tiles, I don’t think it can suddenly become 100m2…? !)…

…Then the power goes out again and we also have no water due to bad (‘but it’s cheap!’ ) parts that our landlord uses…

…Fortunately we received our own car, but returning the rental car is not easy and according to the rental company the ENTIRE car is damaged and so he submits a significant damage claim to us (not paid)…

…Of course also a lot of hours in the car: traffic jams, collecting dust and avoiding bad drivers…

…and then suddenly have to rush to the hospital because one of our boys had his hand caught in the machine…

…Pffff…another working day over. We often don’t even get around to our ‘normal’ or planned work. Just a quick ride home, brave our enthusiastic (and especially jumping dogs) in the driveway and we are finally home! Close the door, REST!


“At home!”

Nothing for a while. DELICIOUS! Hang out on the couch, cook a nice meal, read a book, skype, watch a movie, take a shower and then have a good night’s sleep. On to a new day full of new challenges! And we continue to see it as a challenge, because if they become problems, you will lose heart. In addition, we try to focus as much as possible on the things that are going well…


“More and more is being produced”


“And eventually the boxes will arrive”


“There is also a good atmosphere among each other 🙂 – At the end of the working day in the taxi bus home”

…and so despite all the challenges, above all we really enjoy our entire business.

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