Can things still work out?

Almost 20 years ago we moved as a family from Belgium to distant Friesland. Although I have Dutch parents, I was born and raised in Flanders and have lived there for more than 30 years. But suddenly a word from God sounded: ‘Your season in Belgium is over!’ It was a difficult time. A year without a home and searching for God’s plan for our lives. Suddenly it became clear. Drachten was the next stop in our adventure with God. We didn’t know anyone there and no one knew us, but God had spoken clearly that He wanted us there. Frustration and grace Karin and I started working in the Free Baptist Church of Bethel. Karin became head of children’s work and I became head of youth work. We worked there with passion for 5 years and were able to learn a lot. Yet something also went wrong. I became frustrated with the church. Not so much in Drachten, but in the churches where I came to speak. So little life, so many rules and almost no impact. God was gracious to me. He introduced me to the kingdom of God. Just like that! What a gift! The last year we worked in the Drachten Bethel, I wrote my first book based on that discovery‘Live royally’ . Still my most read book and the prelude to the start of Royal Mission. Yet the annoyance about the church was still there. But God also touched my heart there. Love for His bride suddenly overcame me and never left. Since then we have been dreaming of a revival of the church.Copy Paste Now we are more than 13 years later and the church in the Netherlands is in dire straits (more than ever). There is shrinkage, our witness in society is not good, we produce weak Christians, leadership is often damaging and we are extremely inward-oriented. The church is under pressure. Can things still work out? When I hear people talk about planting a new church, it often starts with renting a hall, setting up chairs and connecting a sound system. Copy-paste over and over again. We have narrowed the beauty of church to Sunday services, where people are primarily listeners and consumers. As if God is not more creative in creating new communities. The Creator can grow His body in so many different ways.What should we do? It is high time that we take responsibility. Leaders and pastors, pastors and elders, church workers and deacons, church planters, planters and pioneers… we have to get to work. Our assignment (as strange as it may sound) is not to build the church, because Jesus does that himself.“I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18). What should we do then? First of all:‘Make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19). That is our great task. When we help people become like Jesus, churches will naturally arise. No rooms with rows of chairs, but groups of people who connect with each other based on their love for Jesus and serve their environment together in the power of the Holy Spirit.Healthy leadership In addition, it is important that leaders in the church fully do what they are called to do. Jesus appointed them‘to equip the saints for the work of his service. This is how the body of Christ is built up.” (Ephesians 4:12). Church leadership is not intended to find people to fulfill all tasks in the church and certainly not to just fill halls. Their mission is to help people develop in the calling that God has given them. Calling and discipleship belong together. Because if you separate them from each other you get successful nominal Christians or errant servants.Fascinating expedition As Royal Mission, we feel more than ever the urgent task to do what we can do. We cannot do everything, but we want to use what God has entrusted to us. Based on our passion for the kingdom of God and our love for the church, we are going to start a new school: the School for Church Revival. We take leaders on a journey through the kingdom, the church, people-oriented leadership and discipleship in practice. It will be an exciting adventure. A vigorous search and a fascinating expedition, in which we believe that God’s creative power will bring existing churches to life and give rise to new communities of faith.Are you participating? Can things still turn out well for the church in the Netherlands? We believe so, because Jesus himself promised that his church would not perish. Will you pray with us or join us? Extend this invitation to revival to the leaders of your church or the leaders you know. God has good plans for our country and his Bride will shine!INFO SCHOOL FOR CHURCH REVIVAL On Thursday evening, June 29, there will be an online information evening from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM.

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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