Bududu part 2

Back to Bududa

Last weekend I went to the area affected by the landslide again. Because 80% of the trip consisted of driving, Baukje stayed home this time. Our friends Chris and Willem were also with us and we had a total of 6 cars again. This time we also brought 4 boys from the Bulamu children’s village. This time the load consisted of 100 mattresses, 300 blankets and many small items such as soap and plastic drinking cups.

When we arrived at our simple hotel on the first evening, teenagers Dixon, Ibrahim, Joseph and Happy John had disappeared into their room. The packed cars. I drove on the right :-)That night, perhaps for the first time in their lives, they had a single bed without having to share it. The reasonably warm shower and the TV with 2 channels were so great that they only came out for the rest of the evening to pick up food and drinks. They had received about €5, which they could use to buy a lot of cola and fries. This was already a very special experience for them. What was less pleasant was that I slept between their rooms and that the TV could make noise at 5 o’clock in the morning… Anyway, when I explained to them that in a “hotel” you stay between 10 o’clock at night and about 8 in the morning doesn’t make any noise, they understood.

In the morning we bought a few hundred kilos of food in the town and took the bad road towards Bududa. This time the items were for a school where 100 children are cared for who were partially or completely orphaned by the landslide. It was really heartbreaking to see them all sitting there in a classroom, alone and lonely. They slept on bare wooden beds without a mattress, blanket or mosquito net. This was there in the UN/Red Cross camp where we went last time. The only problem was that it is so big and confusing that these children are deprived of everything. If they have been queuing for a blanket for a long time, they are lucky if they can sleep under it for a night without anyone taking it away from them. The same goes for food and other necessities. To protect them, this shelter has now been specially set up for them.

When the stuff was unloaded, it turned out that there was a whole program for us! We were allowed to sit as a kind of jury in front of the classroom where all the children and some interested parties were already sitting. Well there you are… I felt a bit uncomfortable...First the children all did beautiful dances and songs for us. Then a number of speeches from important local people and we were also allowed to say something. At the end the leader summarized what we had come to do again. It turned out that the children who had already danced and sung thank you’s for us only now heard what had been brought. I have truly never seen so many incredibly exuberant children. How happy they were that after four weeks they could finally eat and sleep properly again. It was also very special for the boys from Bulamu to now hand out help instead of receiving it. It was a grueling weekend but an amazing blessing!

The kids

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed or prayed on behalf of a group of beautiful children from Bududa!!!

If all goes well, Chris will soon make another video, which we will also put on the site!

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