Teaching is something I really enjoy doing. I like to talk about and from the Bible and about Jesus and his Kingdom. I feel completely at home at Royal Mission School. From Christian Spirituality to Certainty of Faith and from Preaching to Poetry, I love exchanging ideas about this with different groups. The different (target) groups in particular make it very interesting for me. Each group has its own character. It is quite fun to divide people into boxes in an unqualified and unabashed manner… The full-timer (the adventurer) Young people who choose full-time education all have their own motive. Some people choose the training because they want to deepen their relationship with God. Someone else chooses to set aside a year to orientate themselves towards the future or to get to know themselves better. The similarity is that these young people dare to embark on an adventure. They choose a special year and are willing to make sacrifices for it. You also notice this in class. They are open to the new, to the surprising and immerse themselves in experimenting with the new insights. That keeps me sharp as a teacher and makes every lesson surprising. The part-timer in Veenendaal (the enthusiast) The part-timers in Veenendaal generally have a slightly different character than the part-timers in Drachten. The influence of the Randstad is noticeable. The adult students, from different religious backgrounds, go through the year with great enthusiasm and bravado. This is already noticeable during the songs at the beginning of the evening. People sing with dedication and there is a lot of expectation. The connection between the people is great and the atmosphere is therefore very good. Teaching there almost comes naturally. It’s wonderful to go home refreshed after such an evening. The part-timer in Drachten (the thoughtful one) As mentioned, part-time students in Drachten are different. In the reports I check, I can tell from the content whether it concerns a student from Drachten or Veenendaal, without looking at the name. The student in Drachten is generally amazed by the new. He is certainly no less enthusiastic, but less enthusiastic. Where the student in Veenendaal will cheer, the student in Drachten will at most smile loudly. Modesty adorns this student, who takes the time to let the theory sink into his heart. I understand the way of thinking and the way of learning. After all, as a Groningen-speaking Drent who lives in Friesland, I am a northerner through and through. Did you know that (you know that, right)? The student (the specialist) I also teach the Speaking course. That means a room full of students with their arms folded in anticipation of what is to come. Surprise us they seem to say. Often experienced people who have already followed quite a few courses and training and have listened to sermons. A challenge to take this group further in their beautiful and important ministry. This student takes out what is useful to him and is very focused on growing from where he is now. I find it quite exciting to teach such a group, but that also makes it a nice challenge for myself. The youth worker (the doer) Variation, relevance and play are important ingredients for a weekend at the Youth Worker Training Course. Education must therefore interface with practice as quickly as possible, so that the student knows what he can do with it. These students are all young at heart and have a great passion for the new generation. That passion needs to be nourished. This makes teaching this target group very specific and that requires some switching for me. The great thing is that as a teacher I know that it will not only serve the youth worker, but also young people and teenagers. Multicolored When I review these target groups, I am reminded of a verse from the letter to the Ephesians, which talks about the multi-colored wisdom of God (3: 10). How wonderful to see the multi-coloredness of God represented in all these beautiful people. That is exactly why I love teaching. I have encounters with the multi-colored God and that makes me very happy. The diversity in all those people becomes visible in the way in which education from God’s Word is delivered and what these people do with it. My dream is that this diversity will become more and more known in the Netherlands. That this will allow the community to flourish again like never before. If you are interested in one of these courses, you can find more information on our website: .

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Getrouwd met Annemarije en vader van 3. Hoofd Onderwijs binnen Royal Mission en gek van geo-cachen.

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