Born yesterday and married today!

What a festive year 2018 is. Our daughter Ingeborg is getting married in June to the nicest man of her life and Martin and I will have been married for 25 years in October. Wonderful to celebrate high days and especially these special parties of our family. How quickly the years go by, and I still remember the birth of our daughters as if it were yesterday. The girls were both born in the hospital in Leuven (B), maternity department. Life is so beautiful for them at that moment and the future smiles at them. When I go through all the photos from past years in preparation for Ingeborg’s wedding these days, I enjoy all the holidays, all the camps, all the performances, all the outings, all the birthdays, all the family parties, all the music performances, all the Christmas dinners and Sinterklaas evenings, all the sports competitions. , just everything we did as a family. What a wealth to give the best to your children, to take them on adventures and to love them unconditionally. If there is one thing you should never regret, it is the time, interest and energy you give to your children. Just your time and focused attention. Even if you are tired or busy or cranky, give your children attention and love. Do you know that, all the nice notes you occasionally find on your pillow saying: ‘Sorry Mama, I won’t swear anymore, will you forgive me?’ Or:Dear Mama, I’m going to do chores for you tomorrow, without complaining, something different, and I’ll do it for free too!’ And this one:‘Dear Mama, have fun in Australia, we will miss you very much. I’ll do the housework here at home, because if I leave that to Dad, things won’t turn out well.’ When I look back, read all the stories and look at the photos, there were many beautiful moments and also many difficult moments. It’s all part of it. Parenting does not happen automatically, and religious education certainly does not happen. How do you react when your child hits other children? What do you do if your own child is bullied or bullies others? How do we teach our children to be generous or to forgive? I think mainly by living it and demonstrating it. Show your children how you deal with difficulties or setbacks. Show them who God is to you through your life, your finances, your speech, your ways. Live your faith, your values ​​and principles.Mom, you are my heroine of the year! I can learn so much from you!’ This is the greatest compliment you can hear from your child and last Sunday I received this text in a card for Mother’s Day. That’s great. So proud of Ingeborg! When I look back I think: I did well. Not perfect, not unscathed, not without failure and setbacks, not without much consultation with teachers and directors, friends and family members, but it is worth everything. Parenting is the best thing you can do!

Be the stable factor in all storms, arguments and challenges. Continue to love them even if they make choices you don’t agree with. It’s not about you being right, but about your love for them. Just like the father of the prodigal son. Giving them space to make ‘wrong choices’, but looking out lovingly and in prayer for the moment when they return hurt or even damaged. And what you put in, you get out. This is how I see the love we have given our children all these years flowing out again now that they are adults. Beautiful!

PS In this blog I am not talking about the importance of good children’s and youth work in the church. Yet I know that there too very important lessons are poured into a child and they can discover unconditional love. That is why I am enthusiastic about ‘Contagious children’s work in your church’ and I invite children’s workers and their entire team to participate in our Children’s Work training. On Wednesday, June 6, I will organize an information evening about this. You can read all the information here .

About Karin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Martin en moeder van 2 geweldige dochters Ingeborg en Lieselot. Leerkracht, coach, leider en dirigent.Gepassioneerd voor goed kinderwerk in elke kerk!

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