At the table!

Jesus loved to share a meal with those who followed him. A meal, tea time or playing a game together at the table. My favorite time of the day is at the table. At the table, those are the moments when you have good conversations with each other. It is the moment when you hear what is going on at school, what is keeping other people busy or bothering them. The moment to talk to each other and share life. At the dinner table is also the moment when a major educational task takes place for families. We teach the children to eat healthy, we teach them to take turns talking, to listen to each other and so on. In the New Testament we read again and again that Jesus shares a meal with the people He travels with. The Holy Communion is the most famous meal, but also think of the anointing of Jesus, which happened during a meal. In John 6 we read that Jesus shares the meal with the crowd on the mountain, the well-known story of the 5 loaves and 2 fish. In the parables that Jesus told, He often used the example of the meal, for example the Royal wedding banquet, see Matthew 22: 1-14. Not only before His death but also afterward, Jesus sat down to a meal. He appeared to the disciples while they were sharing a meal, see Mark 16:14. Jesus chooses to share His meals with His followers. Sharing life over a meal. That is discipleship, learning from Jesus in the everyday. Jesus challenges us to not only be a disciple but also to make disciples, see Matthew 28:18-20. Within Royal Mission, discipleship stands for: training, learning, personal, sharing life, young and old. Discipleship is about investing. It means working together and taking the other along with you. It is not about going alone, but together .. Learning together, growing together. Struggle together, win together. Embark on the King’s adventure together! Another aspect of discipleship is the attitude of a disciple. It is an eager attitude, you want to keep learning again and again. When things go well, but also (and precisely!) when things go wrong. You are open and show yourself, allow yourself to be addressed and stimulated. You remain hungry for more, to learn more and more from Jesus. How do you do that, discipleship? How do you shape that in your life? Another meeting or appointment? Serious conversations? Let’s look at Jesus, the style in which He took His disciples while He was on earth. The most characteristic of Jesus’ style of discipleship is that he took His disciples into the everyday. Walking, traveling, eating. He has a simple approach. Simple and very powerful. The meal was one of those moments where He shared life, where friendship grew, and where Jesus taught His disciples about life and the Kingdom. How can I, how can you take someone as a disciple? Share a meal with each other, sit down at the table! The teenager at the club, the mother on the schoolyard, the single neighbor. Build a relationship by sitting down at the table. At the table, it is the way to get to know each other and discover together who Jesus is. At the table! A simple and powerful moment for discipleship.

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