Always keep traveling

Karin and I really love to travel. The unique cultures, the intriguing customs, the surprising gastronomy and, above all, the experience that other countries broaden your view. We have had the privilege to see a lot of the world. Karin lived in Suriname for 2 years and I had 6 weeks of training in Japan. She has been to Australia 3 times and I have been to South Africa for 3 months. We have visited many countries together. The travel gene is deep in our DNA.

Endless journeys
Traveling also has everything to do with the Bible. During the Growth Conference ‘Royal Life’ I started my speech with the different storylines throughout the Bible. The kingdom of God is of course the most important thread. But marriage is also such a big theme. Not only Adam looks for a partner in Paradise, but Jesus also looks for a bride, finds her and eventually marries her. There are also other recurring themes such as the covenants and those endless journeys.

Never settle down
The journey already begins in Genesis 3. Away from paradise and into the wide world. Then one after the other continues on its way. Abraham is instructed to leave everything behind and leave for an unknown land. Traveling, wandering, wandering and being on the road without a real home. Years later, God’s people leave Egypt and embark on a challenging journey to the Promised Land. Once God’s people have finally settled down, the pilgrimages to Jerusalem begin. Over time, unrest breaks out and the times of exile begin. On the road again. Always traveling again.

Come and follow Me
The New Testament is also a travel story. Not just the journey that Joseph and Mary make to Bethlehem or Paul’s gigantic missionary journeys. Especially the invitation from Jesus Himself to set out is the greatest expedition. The words “Come and follow Me” call for a lifelong journey. Just as the disciples, together with their Master, crossed all of Israel several times. Get moving, discover and learn while you’re on the go. Apparently it is not so much about the destination as the lessons learned along the way.

Beach and paella
I don’t know how you travel. When you go on holiday to Spain by car, can you enjoy the road there or are you irritated by every minute of delay and are your eyes only focused on the beach and the paella? I always have to make an effort to enjoy the route to our holiday address. In Europe we are very goal-oriented in many matters. That is where our focus is and only at the finish line will we find our joy. Jesus teaches us to enjoy the journey and to realize that you grow, change and are formed as you travel. You learn the most important lessons along the way, not at your destination!

Enjoy and learn
I hope you enjoy the endless walk after Jesus. With trial and error, sometimes without knowing where things are going, but with full conviction that there is no better place than in the footsteps of Jesus. Big mountains and deep valleys. They are always heavenly journeys and royal journeys. Standing still and settling down is not an option. I wish you to travel again in 2023, traveling behind the King’s Son. We long so much to arrive in heavenly Jerusalem, the full breakthrough of God’s kingdom. Yet we can already enjoy and learn so much from the journey we are making in this phase.

Intermediate station and important link
God is also always on the move. Christmas is a way station in the route that God takes. He began with creation and walked with man on earth. Because of sin He had to withdraw, but made a new journey to this earth in Jesus. Christmas is part of God’s journey. More than thirty years later, Jesus makes the reverse journey to the throne room, but fortunately He does not settle there and returns. Along the way, God’s ultimate master plan unfolds.
Let Christmas inspire you more than usual to enjoy the journey and realize that every intermediate step is important for the end goal. The birth of Jesus is an extremely important link in God’s master plan. Let 2023 be that for you too!

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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