Adventure beckons!

Yesterday we (Karin and Martin) were blessed in the Sunday service of the VBG Bethel. After working in this municipality for exactly five years as Head of Children and Youth Work, we are now facing a new adventure: Royal Mission!

It has been five special years. Where do you get so many opportunities? Where are there so many resources for children and youth work? Where do you find so many young people in one church? Where do you get the opportunity to manage such a large team of volunteers? Where can you work with more than 20 paid colleagues in a church? We were able to do it all and we received the confidence of the municipal leadership.

And when you look at the fruits, we are amazed. The numbers have grown enormously in recent years and the number of activities has increased. But that’s not even the biggest fruit. The most impressive thing is the changed lives of boys and girls, of employees and parents. A movement has emerged of enthusiastic and moved people, who are gripped by the love and power of God.

When I think back to how God got us here (described in detail in Chapter 10 of my book ‘Live Royally’), history proves that God is in control. If you follow Him, you will come to places you never thought of… like Friesland. And yet we felt at home here and this was THE place for us. Now that we are facing the next step, it feels so exciting again. Letting go of all certainties to embark on an even greater adventure.

We are looking forward to it and we are very happy that we are doing this with a team. Together with a group of 20 enthusiastic people, the Royal Mission Team, we will look for the right path for Royal Mission. We want to make the mission of bringing the Kingdom of God close to people through Words, Works and Miracles concrete and challenge others to do the same.

Would you like to pray with us for a breakthrough of God’s government in the Netherlands? We’re going for it!

About Martin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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