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In October 2010, my parents took us on vacation to Israel. During this trip I met Sietse Greving. He became one of the key people in my journey with God. At the time, Sietse was in the final year of her theology course. Sietse passionately inspired me through the conversations we had together, but also through the conversations I saw him lovingly have with Jews there in Israel. I fell in love with Jesus in Sietse and was completely on fire for Him. After this trip I knew for sure: I am fully committed to God and I want to go to Bible school.

Some wise advice
Secretly, I wanted to immediately quit my Marketing & Communications course that I had just started, but no matter how nice my parents thought it was, they (very wisely) made a deal with me. First get your piece of paper and if this feeling is still there, we will pay for your Bible school. At that moment I was really bummed, but it was a good deal (thank you mom and dad).

Help, I can’t feel it anymore!
After I obtained my secondary vocational education diploma, I indeed went to a Bible school. A wonderful adventure where my passion and faith were sparked and strengthened. If you had told me then how I struggle now and then, I wouldn’t have imagined it.
Last Tuesday I spoke as host of the livestream about the theme: Struggling with your faith . Because almost 11 years after that holiday in which my heart overflowed with love for Jesus, I occasionally struggle with my passion and faith. After all the reactions to the livestream, I know one thing for sure: I am not the only one. That’s part of it! To encourage myself, and therefore also you, I delved into this theme. I would like to share two thoughts for when you are struggling with your passion, in any area.

Passion is the fruit of surrender
Embrace your struggle and stop pushing it away. The key to regaining your passion is returning to your first love. Passion is a fruit of surrender, not of striving and trying yourself. Away with perfectionism as a passion killer. Martin previously wrote a beautiful blog about this: Passion and perfection . You are human, and just like Sarah, Moses, Rachel and Elijah (the heroes of the faith) you will have periods in which you no longer know, feel or experience. Dare to wrestle with God. God does not fall from His throne when you fail or when you have doubts. It is precisely when you embrace and acknowledge this that you will experience the arms of the Eternal who receive you. Returning to the first love is not your own work, but rather recognizing that it doesn’t work out for a while and that you don’t feel it for a while. Jesus is called the Beginner and Finisher of our faith in Hebrews 12:2. When you no longer have faith, He is the starter and igniter of your faith. When you lack faith, He is the Finisher of your faith. We may lean on our God who is also our big Brother in Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to do it alone!
Break through the insulation and get help. Become vulnerable and surround yourself with people who believe for you. Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb (John 11) and then Lazarus comes out as a mummy. Jesus instructs his disciples to loosen the tomb’s cloths so that Lazarus can live in freedom. We all need people around us who will unwind the swathes of death in which we occasionally become entangled.

Bible school
At Royal Mission we have a full-time Bible school in Drachten and also the online Bible school (Growth year). It is a privilege that I can now teach as a teacher at both schools and hopefully help fuel your passion and faith. Sign up for the new season, surround yourself with other heroes of the faith and grow! For the King!

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Getrouwd met Anne, woonachtig in Utrecht, vurig spreker en vol passie voor het koninkrijk van God.

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