A special Healing Weekend!

Last weekend we really enjoyed the Healing Weekend at De Betteld. Wilkin van der Kamp, Willem Ouweneel and Martin form an ideal combination for good education, strong pastoral care and a lot of humor. What a wonderful time we had and enjoyed the authentic worship. And God has confirmed his name ‘Healer’ with clear miracles of restoration and healing for all man. It is always a challenge to summarize 2 days in a piece of text. Actually, it is impossible and that is why I immediately encourage you to attend the next conference. We had a wonderful time with approximately 500 attendees. Wilkin spoke mainly about the greatness of God in creation and that, despite everything, we keep our eyes on Jesus. ‘For in this, having put all things under him, he left nothing except that it should not be put under him. But now we do not yet see that all things are subject to him; but we see Jesus’ (Heb. 2:8-9a NKJV) Willem spoke in an inimitable way about the eagle that renews its feathers and must first lose all its old feathers. Rising from the ashes and being completely renewed, just as Naaman was given new skin like a baby’s. A divine rejuvenation treatment.“Then Naaman went down to the Jordan and immersed himself there seven times, as the man of God had said. His skin became whole again, as clear as the skin of a child, and he was clean again’ (2 Kings 5:14). Martin helped people to pray for the sick for the first time by laying on hands and challenged us, based on the story of the moonsick boy (Mark 9), to always continue to look to Jesus. Because what you look at becomes bigger (in your thinking)! Saturday evening we concluded with a healing service in which many testified that they were healed. Pain in the shoulders, cramped hands, arms that could not be raised, fears, … a lot happened. Below are 2 testimonials that we received by email.I thought, “I’m going for my stomach,” and that was also prayed for. Then you (Martin) shouted on Saturday evening: “Who has smell problems over there in the left corner?” Then I thought, “oh yeah, that happened 23 years ago, that my sense of smell went away.” I could only smell very sharp odors like gasoline. I didn’t remember that I couldn’t smell. Because it was so long ago. I was prayed for and then not much happened. In my room in the evening I had some snot (to make it creamy :)) and pain in my nose. And today, Sunday, at 2:00 PM I smelled: cheese, pickles, strawberry jam, trees, bushes, and my wife 😉 INCREDIBLE!! Greetings D.On Saturday for the first time, at the request of a friend, we went to the healing conference at the Betteld in Zelhem. I may say and can also say that I went as a kind of disbelieving Thomas, first seeing is believing…, but when Willem Ouweneel called, which people were in the room who were present at the request of someone else, I still didn’t dare to raise my hand in the air, luckily my girlfriend did, and there was actually no way back. So in your legs and forward…. freaks, full room with people and there you are. Having someone pray for me was no problem, that unbelieving Thomas disappeared quickly, healing was no problem either (now you might say, what a stubborn guy to dare to say that) but the intercessor still had something in store for me. Could I also forgive the people who bullied me so much about my stuttering? No, that was a different story, I just couldn’t let go of that, surrender it to God, that part was mine. I was afraid to let go of that anger and hatred, afraid of what could happen… The intercessor asked a man to pray with me, I was stiff with all the fear, anger and hatred… what about God’s Love. .. it had not been there when I needed it… The brother asked if I wanted to pray after him, of course not, then I would have to give up my treasure, the anger and the hatred… I have resisted with everything was in me, but slowly but surely I was able to pray after the brother and I was able to forgive, everyone who did not understand me, everyone who had bullied me, everything fell away AND GOD’S HEALING POWER DID ITS WORK, I could relax, my jaws became relaxed, my throat relaxed as did my shoulders, neck and chest. God’s Love flowed through me, from head to toe, to fill my heart with His Everlasting Love. The music had stopped, the band and the people in the hall had gone to eat, but God was with the four of us, the two intercessors, my girlfriend who had taken me and with me… In the evening I was allowed to say out loud in the hall : I stuttered but I talk… For someone who was anti healing services, quite an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE 🙂 W.

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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