A look back at 2017

It is a privilege to look back with you on a unique and very blessed Royal Mission year. Our dream of reformation throughout the church has once again fired us up to passionately proclaim the Kingdom of God and train others to do the same. I want to take you into the special adventures and enormous opportunities that God has given us and the fruit we have seen in people and churches.

Passionately proclaiming the Kingdom of God

Speaking engagements Over the past year, our speakers have served in hundreds of churches. We were welcome at Baptists and the PKN, at Free Gospel Churches and the Assembly of Believers, at the NGK and Pentecostal Churches and many more. Our inclusive vision of the Kingdom of God gives us the space to preach in the diversity of the church. In addition, we were allowed to speak at conferences and events such as Transformed, Heartbeat, Men’s Days, Tent Services, Vrij zijn weekends and the Vrij zijn summer week. We have received dozens of testimonies from listeners and church leaders about the blessing we were able to bring. In addition to all these open doors, 4 new speakers have joined our speaker team: Wim Hoddenbagh, Robbie van Veen, Ramon Plakke and Hester Zoutman, so that we now have 10 Royal Mission speakers.

Training days For more than 7 years, we have been providing a free training day somewhere in the country every month. We gather at the location at 8 a.m. with a team of 25 Royal Mission champions. We build up, take care of the day, clean up everything again and finish as a team in McDonalds. Party and ideal team building! The themes of these days are close to the core of Royal Mission and for this year they were: Children and Youth Work, Winning for the King and Intimacy with God. More than 1,500 participants attended one of these inspiring days. For next year we will add the theme ‘Wonders of the Kingdom’. Reactions from participants are: ‘refreshing’, ‘confrontational’ and ‘how can I become a member of your club?’

Wonderful Sunday Almost 3 years ago we held our first Wonderful Sunday with more than 200 people. In the meantime, it has become a monthly ‘evening full of the Spirit’ with 500 to 600 visitors in Veenendaal. This year we have seen tremendous miracles, such as a woman getting out of a wheelchair and others no longer needing their walkers. But also accurate words of prophecy, powerful touches by the Spirit, moving deliverances and excessive blessing from God. We also had a wonderful Wonderful Sunday for kids. 500 children and parents enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of worshiping, blessing and being blessed. In addition to the services in Veenendaal, we toured the country with the Wonderful Sunday On Tour. Dordrecht, Maassluis, Harderwijk, Veenendaal, Notter, Aalsmeer, Steenbergen and Gouda welcomed us hospitably. Beautiful every time and sometimes really overwhelming. People are coming to conversion and in recent months the revelation and healing power has increased enormously. Many wonderful services are planned for next year, including in Woerden, Rotterdam, Loppersum and Urk. Below is the photo of the enormous ‘Wonderful Sunday Team’.

MEGAkids and Royal Adventure Hundreds of children were able to enjoy wonderful children’s services and educational activities again during the May holidays and 6 summer weeks at De Betteld. Under the guidance of an experienced team of coaches from Royal Mission, more than 250 volunteers were able to participate and grow in children’s work. Some parents ‘complain’ to us that they can no longer go on holiday to France or Spain because their child really wants to go to MEGAkids. Awesome! Royal Adventure is truly a wonderful week for teenagers and a breeding ground for young leaders. This summer, 900 teenagers and leaders enjoyed foam games and inflatable rinks, but also moments of surrender to God and experiences with His power. Many teenagers have (re)dedicated themselves to God at De Betteld this year.

RAW The 4th RAW event took place at a new location: De Paasheuvel in Vierhouten. More than 400 participants and employees enjoyed high-quality activities and in-depth meetings during a sunny weekend. Foam, water, survival tracks, balloons or sumo suits… it was all there. But also intense moments in God’s presence and deep conversations about Jesus and the impact of Jesus on your life. Next year we will celebrate our lustrum: 5 years of RAW. It will be unparalleled from May 11 to 13, 2018.

Books For the first time we have published 2 books at the same time. Karin Koornstra has put 30 years of experience with children and children’s work on paper in a beautifully designed book. The result is ‘Contagious children’s work in your church!’ After 25 years of praying for the sick, Martin wrote his book ‘Wonders of the Kingdom’. Beautiful lessons and unique experience stories about the search for more power from God.

Business Trip For the 5th we went to France with a small group of entrepreneurs for an intense training session. In a relaxed setting, away from the hustle and bustle, there was room for new insights and in-depth conversations. Next season we will travel again under the leadership of Wim Hoddenbagh and Martin Koornstra. To travel Martin Koornstra has traveled to Brazil and an Arab country. The first trip was a unique ‘learning journey’ by shadowing Randy Clark and the Global Awakening team. Martin has seen and experienced beautiful miracles, but above all learned a lot that is applicable in the Netherlands. The fruit of this can already be seen in our team and in the country. The other trip was impressive in a completely different way, but we can’t share much about it this way. A trip to Suriname is planned for next year.

We train others to do the same

Full-time school In June, 20 young people received their certificates after an intense and impressive year of formation. While the school was running at full speed, we started a vision process with a renewed school team from January to redefine the school. The result is more focus on our calling, an improved educational concept, more passionate school team members, and a better kingdom culture in the school. In September, 21 young people started this new concept and more than ever we see the fruit of discipleship in their lives. In addition to these students, 1 former student is completing an internship year and 2 others help as volunteers in the administration. That is also new fruit!

Part-time school More than 300 students from all over the country and from all kinds of religious backgrounds were students at our part-time school in Drachten or Veenendaal. After impressive closing evenings with moving testimonies about growth, change and new choices, we started working with 300 students again in September. Parallel to this, we responded to the unique request of De Wijngaard in Leeuwarden to go through this education with the entire municipality under the leadership of Martin Dol. These weeks we will conclude this unique church process with almost 250 participants, in which so much has been sown and the first harvest can already be seen. The next church is already in the starting blocks to embark on a similar journey with us.

Children’s work and youth work training 35 people took part in the children’s or youth work training and received their certificate. In September, a new group of almost 40 started the new cycle led by Karin Koornstra and Gerlof Wiersma. This way we can invest directly in people and indirectly bless hundreds of kids and young people and strengthen churches.

Courses Last year there was only 1 separate course: ‘Preaching course’. Nearly 30 hungry students received instruction in Responsible Bible Use, sermon structure, analysis, communication and presentation. Next year we will start the ‘Growing in Spiritual Power’ course and the first cycle is already fully booked.

Church work in North Friesland Gerlof Wiersma has a vision for North Friesland and is working to influence a network of churches with the Kingdom of God. In the meantime, 9 youth workers have been seconded via Royal Mission to 10 churches and we are in discussions with 6 new churches. 2 youth workers are ready to get started and our board has made € 25,000 available to sponsor churches in youth work. In addition to youth work, prayer evenings and monthly Royal Meetings have been established. This is the beginning of a renewal movement in this region of the country.

We invest in people Karin Koornstra and Hilde Sikkema are carriers and custodians of the culture within Royal Mission. Passion, Discipleship, Teams, Royal and Power are our values ​​and they completely represent and spread this DNA. We invest a lot in relationships, appreciation and always want to put people first. Partly because of this, we are blessed with more than 150 permanent volunteers in an office team, youth work team, RAW team, Vrij His team, hosts at the part-time school, coaches at the full-time school… It is a privilege to work with so many beautiful people and build God’s Kingdom together! In addition to all the wonderful volunteers, 3 new people have been hired: Shandra Willemse (Office manager Drachten), Diana Fredriks (Office manager Veenendaal) and Wim Hoddenbagh (Speaker & Trainer). We see the fruit of their efforts and are extremely happy with how they are.

We have suffered too

When you read everything like this, it seems like everything went well. That is also the case in many areas, but at the same time we have also been sad and sometimes suffered a lot. Hilde Sikkema lost her father due to a sudden illness and others from our team became ill themselves or had to undergo major surgery. We recently said goodbye to 2 employees who have worked hard to build Royal Mission for years. There was sometimes a lot of unrest or we had tough conversations. Marriages came under pressure or employees reached their own limits. It has been an intense year and yet we can end it with joy and with enormous gratitude for what God has done.

We want to thank you

As we come to the end of the year, we would like to thank all our friends, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, partners, intercessors and encouragers. You carry us, inspire us, push us forward and help us to continue building on the vision that God gave us: ‘Reformation in the church’. We also look forward to a great collaboration in 2018 and believe that the fruit of our work is also the fruit of your life. THANK YOU!

New steps

We look forward to 2018 in which we want to move full speed ahead more than ever in the direction God is pointing us. We will passionately proclaim the Kingdom of God and continue to train others in it. In the background we are working on updating our corporate identity and introducing a CRM system. In addition to the existing activities, we will start a leadership school (21-35 years) in Veenendaal and a part-time school in Steenbergen. The adventure has only just begun. Join us, pray and believe for a reformation in the church in the Netherlands! Would you like to support us extra with a Christmas or end-of-year gift? Help us start strong (financially) in 2018 and transfer your donation to: Royal Mission Foundation – NL27 INGB0004498297 – stating End of year gift God bless, wonderful Christmas and a wonderful 2018 on behalf of the staff of Royal Mission!

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