A journey of vulnerability and strength

How I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Then Theo (my husband) and I go to Barcelona to visit our son and daughter-in-law. I’m packing my suitcases and thinking about what clothes I should take with me. It takes some time to come up with a good number of clothing combinations. It is important and valuable to me that I feel comfortable in the clothes I wear. What do I wear? As I am picking out my clothes I am reminded of a scripture found in Colossians 3 verse 12“Because God has chosen you, because you are His Saints and because He loves you, clothe yourselves with compassion, with goodness, with modesty, with gentleness, with patience.” This text immediately raises a question for me: what do I actually equip myself with spiritually on this journey? How glad I am that God reminds me of this question. I always want to be aware that I carry the goodness of God with me.What do I take with me? In preparation for the trip, I bought a nice little toiletry bag with a mirror in it. Now I know that I will not use this bag myself, but will give it away. While I consciously put the toiletry bag in my suitcase, I say: “Lord, please show me to which person I can give this bag and what words of compassion, gentleness and goodness I can speak.”We leave We go on a trip and take our suitcases with valuable contents with us. Clothes that I feel comfortable in and my ‘spiritual clothing’ to show God’s goodness. I am completely happy and really looking forward to seeing our children again and embracing them. And I’m happy because I’m traveling well dressed!En route We arrived at the airport by train. Our journey is going well, until we get to the gate and hear that we are delayed by an hour. We just join the queue because there are no more chairs to sit on. While we are waiting there, a girl catches my eye and we briefly make eye contact. She is with a boy who appears to be her boyfriend. I notice something about her, but I don’t know what. And again there is that eye contact. Now I know; she might be the one to whom I can give the toiletry bag with the mirror. Because I want to be sure, I make an agreement with God that if she sits in the rows in front of me on the plane so that I can see her, the bag is indeed intended for her.Confirmation Rolling with our suitcases and walking through the aisles one step at a time, Theo and I arrive at our seat on the plane. We turn and slide past each other and finally we sit. And what is my surprise: two rows in front of us the girl is sitting with her boyfriend. Now I know for sure: the bag is really for her, God has confirmed me in that. What a special moment this is. So many rows of seats on the plane and the girl with her boyfriend is sitting two rows in front of me. I decide to give the bag when we leave the plane.Landed After a good flight we land at the airport in Barcelona. We grab our things from the luggage compartment above our seats and wait until we can leave the plane. I keep a close eye on the girl because I have something important to do. But things aren’t going well with our suitcases and I’m in danger of losing sight of her. Theo and I start running as soon as there is room and arrive in the hall of the airport. I quickly look around left and right and see the girl walking with the boy about 200 meters away.The meeting I don’t change my mind and say to Theo: “watch my suitcase, I’ll be right back.” I run as fast as I can towards them and when I walk next to the girl I tap her. I look at her and there is immediate recognition. I see a little sparkle in her eyes and I feel compassion for her in my heart. Then I ask in English: “May I give you something?” She nods and agrees with that. I say that I have a mirror for her to tell her how beautiful she is. May she never forget how beautiful she is. The friend standing behind her immediately starts beaming and nodding ‘yes’. The girl becomes moved. As I continue to tell her about her beauty inside and out, a tear rolls down her cheeks. She grabs me and gives me a tight hug. She says: “You look like an Angel.” Her boyfriend now also has a tear rolling down his cheeks.Valuable moment What a special meeting this is. How grateful I am to God for reminding me to clothe myself in compassion, goodness, and gentleness. Beautiful how God wants to work supernaturally in the ordinary situations of our lives. That if you start living from the truth that you are beautiful and valuable, you can add value to the lives of the people you meet every moment of your life. In my book ‘ Valuable ‘ I invite you to allow God into all aspects of your life. I will tell you about my journey of vulnerability and strength and encourage you to join me on the adventure. So that you too become aware that you always carry the goodness of God with you. And that He always wants to do or say something through you. Are you going on a trip?

About Ina van Laar

Ina is een inspirerende, wijze vrouw, getrouwd met Theo en trotse moeder van 3 prachtige kinderen. Ze heeft passie voor kinderen, jongeren, vrouwen, moeders en gezinnen. Om hen toe te rusten in geloof, zodat ze in hun kwetsbaarheid weerbaar en krachtig mogen worden.

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