A heavenly moment in Greece

Last summer I spent a wonderful holiday on a Greek island with Ina (my wife). Enjoying the beauty of nature, the peace, the wonderful temperature and the beautiful trips we made, we had a wonderful time together. When our last day arrived, we thought together about how we could encourage some of the hotel’s employees. We would pray for a Bible verse and write it down with some other words and give it to them personally.

I won’t soon forget the moment at the pool bar. We handed over the letter to the man behind the bar, named Stalis, with whom we had friendly contact every day. We walked to the bar and I said, “Stalis, I would like to say something to you to thank you.” At that moment something happened in me, but also in him. We looked at each other and I was very moved and almost started to cry. He noticed that too and continued to look at me lovingly. I experienced God’s love and compassion for him, it was a heavenly moment. The moment I had my emotions under control again and had finished swallowing, I spoke the text along with encouraging words that kept flowing.

John 7:38 says that “Rivers of living water will flow out of the heart of those who believe in Me.” Jesus does not say here: ‘Whoever believes in me will experience the blessing of God’s fullness’, but: ‘Whoever believes in me; out of him will flow whatever he receives.”

John 4:14 says, “The water that I give will become in him a spring of water welling up with eternal life.” Personal blessing if you stay close to the Source? Yes. But from you will also flow rivers of living water of unsuppressible Life. Especially for the other person!

What a message for you, for me to stay close to Jesus the Source. He will pour living water into us so that we ourselves may be a spring. There will be a continuous flow to other lives, which will not dry out or come to a dead end.

Unknown guest
During that moment at the pool bar, a special man had been standing for a long time. It was clear that he had been coming to this hotel for years because he felt very much at home. He looked like a real pirate, rough guy, white spunk. He followed this scene from a short distance and then suddenly said in a hoarse voice: “I have been coming here for more than ten years, but I have never heard such beautiful words.” How wonderful that the living water had flowed to him too. He kept looking at us and waving as we left.

When Ina and I were home we looked back on the holiday and asked each other: “what was your best moment of the holiday?” Besides the beautiful beaches, the delicious food and the time together, meeting Stalis was the most impressive and valuable. How special can an encounter with someone be in which you meet God, and you experience that the richness of life can be found many times more in human relationships than in material prosperity.

Heavenly and healing
So simply, at the pool bar, the living water flowed through me, touched me and it was a heavenly and healing moment for Stalis and for myself.
God invites you to this too. Stay close to the Source and then rivers of living water will flow from you to the people you meet. Every day again.

Father, I am praying at this moment for everyone who reads this that he or she will have a desire to connect more and more to You, the Source, in order to become a source that flows and transmits life to everyone who lives in their own way. or come her way. Every day again. That it will happen everywhere, at home, at work, in the store or on the street. Amen.

About Theo van Laar

Getrouwd met Ina, familieman, gepassioneerd aanbiddingsleider, en bij Royal Mission onder andere coördinator van de School voor Leiders.

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