A heavenly encounter with serious consequences…

It may have been more than ten years since I went to a men’s conference with about a dozen men. It was at the Kroeze Danne in Enschede. Even though it wasn’t really my thing (a men’s conference), we still really enjoyed the atmosphere, the services and the overnight stay in the much too small chalets.

I remember being most impressed by the worship. The freedom that was there, room for prophetic words and for the Holy Spirit. Afterwards I bought a CD (there was no Spotify back then), to listen to at home. Unfortunately, listening to the music at home, the experience was very different from what I had experienced at the conference. You can compare it to a bottle of red wine that is delicious under the Spanish sun, but tastes a lot less good at home, do you recognize that?

Piano piece
There was a beautiful piano piece on the nineteen-minute CD, which was played by a pianist inspired by the Holy Spirit. I have used this piano piece with my wife Ina for years as a kind of bedrock to pray to in the morning.
As a primary school teacher, I also used this piece when reading silently with the children. For fifteen minutes, five days a week, heavenly piano music. There has never been a child who has said to me: “Teacher, can’t you put on something else for once?”

Being free

In 2019 I was allowed to lead worship at the Vrijzijn Summer Week with Royal Mission for the young adults. Sunday evening would be the first service and in the afternoon we had a practice moment. At that time I was increasingly reaching out to the text from Col. 3 : 16. “Let the words of Christ dwell in you in all their richness; teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns to God with all your heart and songs as the Spirit of grace gives you.”
I knew most of the band members, except the pianist. I introduced myself to him and then we started practicing. Then there came a moment at the end of a song as the pianist continued to play and the Spirit began to sing words freely. It was a match made in heaven and in the end we had to stop as a band because the presence of God made us all cry. After we were able to talk to each other again, I found out that Gilles Riemens, the pianist of the band, was the one who had played the piano piece on the CD I had left from the men’s conference. We were all perplexed. How could God direct this and what was His plan for this?

A channel from God
From that moment on, there have been many moments when we have been able to lead worship together, where there is room for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And we believe that now the time has come for us to use what God has given us in churches.
We want to be a channel of God, by taking people into worship, bringing prophetic impressions and/or words and giving testimonies that serve to encourage, restore and provide direction for people’s lives and the church. We want to be guided by the Holy Spirit and the various gifts of the Spirit during meetings (1 Corinthians 12:8-11). Being a kind of living room where we will worship God and He will build His throne. A place where you feel loved and can be yourself, where you can laugh and cry. Where you may receive healing and be activated to participate in God’s plan of salvation. We believe that we can contribute to the building up of the church, the restoration of the body of Christ in the Netherlands and can have an impact on people who do not yet know Him.

For this season we have chosen five Sundays to which churches can invite us.
Check our website for more information.

About Theo van Laar

Getrouwd met Ina, familieman, gepassioneerd aanbiddingsleider, en bij Royal Mission onder andere coördinator van de School voor Leiders.

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