A breathtaking life

We spent last autumn holidays as a family in Zeeland. How I can enjoy that. You don’t have to do anything at all. That is really relaxing for me. After a busy start to the new season, I was ready for that. And as I strolled along the beach and the wind almost took my breath away, I realized how different my life could be if I lived more in peace. I wouldn’t drive myself crazy and impose everything that no one expects of me. So that after seven weeks of ‘normal’ life in which my breath is almost taken away (figuratively), I am not ready for a holiday again.

My days are often filled with caring for my family, working, community/neighborhood activities, moving issues and of course not forgetting the housework. The latter in particular regularly causes me frustration. I really like a tidy and clean house. According to my husband, I am Mrs. Helderder, although I personally think that is not too bad. But I have to admit that I need a tidy house for a tidy mind. And I would like that to be different, because with three children that is a challenge. Before I know it I’ve been running all day.

To talk
Novice runners among us know all about it. It is tough, especially in the initial phase of building up fitness. You are then happy that you can get some air in at all. Talking in the meantime is next to impossible. When people around me sometimes asked (back when I was still using my running shoes) to run together for fun, I invariably said ‘no’ because I am anything but sociable. Besides the fact that I am unable to talk properly when it comes to oxygen, I am completely focused on the running itself and no longer pay attention to anyone who is running along. Would running through life also mean that there is little ‘air’ to talk to God? And too little attention for the most important Person in our lives?

Although I am not much of a walker myself, ‘walking with God’ as Enoch did does sound appealing to me. It sounds so calm, peaceful, stable. As a child I saw a beautiful picture in front of me. Of a big strong dad walking on the beach and chatting with a little one on his hand. Now I also think that I can still look at it that way, but then walking through life. By God’s strong hand. Sharing life with the Most High. Receiving His words of wisdom. Sometimes pause and enjoy the beauty around you. Cry out if necessary. Ask questions and listen to His answer. Don’t move a step without God. That’s a place that couldn’t possibly be rushed.

Fortunately, I can enjoy the presence of God in my family, in our community and not to forget at Royal Mission. Maybe that’s what makes me long for more peace. Because I know it’s available. That God grants us a life so close to His heart. Because we were made for that. Our society is so busy. What stimuli every moment. They shout out the good that God wants to give us. It stops our spiritual ears and eyes from what God wants to tell and show us in the silence. I imagine that the current age, with all its noise, gives the kingdom of darkness a great opportunity to keep us as far away from God as possible.

I no longer want to run through life, but walk in peace. Together with God. That must be a breathtaking life, but in the good sense of the word. To get there I will have to make choices, but when I walk on the beach in Zeeland again next year, I want the impetuosity of the wind not to force me to face the facts, but to make me think of a time that is behind me. suits me.

Perhaps you recognize that life does not feel like a peaceful walk with God. Everyone has their own way with personal obstacles. Fortunately, we have a patient and loving Father who is close every day and wants nothing more than to walk with you to experience His loving closeness. What choices can you make to give Him more and more space for this? Are you ready for a breathtakingly beautiful life with the King?

About Dieteke Visser

Moeder van drie schatten, onderwijs manager bij Royal Mission en daarnaast samen met haar man René actief voor de bloei van de wijken van Nederland met stichting R3NEW.

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